Glazed Fire Doors and Walls

Fire protection glazing walls - fire resistant glazing doors

Do you need glass fire doors and walls. Have a look at the our range walls up to 5000mm tall.

Fire protection: Fires can not be prevented in principle, it is necessary to prevent the spreading of fire and smoke. The fire behavior of components is characterized by the fire resistance duration. This indicates how long the door can prevent the passage of the fire.
Smoke protection: The fatalities are caused by smoke poisoning caused by the odorless gases carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide - already few lung fillings of carbon monoxide are fatal. Smoke doors are suitable to hinder the spread of smoke in buildings. They are therefore an essential component of preventive structural fire protection.

Double fire doors and walls with fire protection

Arch fire rated walls

fire glazed doors arch fire walls  

The advantages of using Doors4UK fire protection doors and walls at a glance:

  • Comprehensive range of products, from single and double-leaf fire protection doors to parapets to facades, all of which covers all safety areas
  • Slim profile view
  • Tested according to standards and approved by building authorities EN norm
  • Selection under different fire protection classes so that the right door variant is available for every requirements

A Fantastic Range of Fire Glazed Doors, Walls and Door Sets Available
Complete Service From Survey to Installation
All workmanship is guaranteed for 2 years for fitted products

Fire rated door with arch top light

Fire rated wall for fire protection

arch fire doors fire glazed wall

In the case of wood glazed fire protection doors, the focus is next to the safety aspect. Especially in old buildings or representative rooms, these wood fire glazed doors are often used with steel or wooden frames. Optionally, many of these doors with glass can also be equipped with smoke protection, noise protection and additional safety. The single-leaf T30 fire protection door made of wood and glass with wood frame offers optimum protection in case of emergency without compromising the optics. Due to the wide range of finishes, you will find a wood fire protection door, which also fits optically into the room. These wood fire protection doors are, of course, all tested and approved. Fire protection doors made of wood offer all the requirements of a fire protection door and create a comfortable ambience with the different surfaces available. At these doors of the inventors of the functionality and design are harmoniously combined.Arch

Arch fire rated walls with glass

Fire rated double glazed doors

arch fire wall double fire glazed doors

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