Why Choose Our Hinged Clear Glass Door?
Installing bespoke doors is a great way to add more functionality to your home, and they can also provide effective methods in which to save money each and every year. We are always looking into how we can source and supply high quality products which can elevate people’s décor, whilst also giving them robust solutions that can last for many years to come. 

Since many homeowners like the idea of adding a more contemporary edge to their building, we are going to take a close look into the hinged clear glass door we have on offer, since this adds more style and vibrancy into any room. So, read on and find out why this model is starting to make real strides within the world of doors. 

Expansive Vibe

When the sun does finally arrive in this country, it can often be beneficial to extract as much natural light as possible in order to enjoy a more vibrant atmosphere. By installing clear glass doors, you won’t have opaque materials like wood blocking the sun, therefore allowing rooms to feel a wave of expansiveness for a more open feeling throughout. This is such a powerful way to improve people’s well-being, as light is a great source of positivity.

Keeping Energy Bills Down

Lighting around the home can be something which takes up a rather large portion of your yearly budget, so looking into ways to keep these bills down is always worth paying some attention. Taking advantage of natural light when it appears will mean far less reliance on electrical appliances to keep rooms suitably lit, which can only mean your spending will be slashed quite substantially during the spring and summer months, where the skies don’t usually turn dark until very late in the day. 

Made from Toughened Glass

If you live with young children or generally have reservations about how a glass model will hold up, then this door comes with a toughened construct for a more solid finish compared to standard designs. These doors undergo a series of processes which ensure they have the right thermal treatments in place to toughen the materials for more structural purpose once installed. Should the worst happen and your door does incur damage, you will notice how the glass shatters into very small pieces rather than large chunks, making it a more safety conscious product all-round. 

Stylistically Pleasing

Many of us are immensely proud with the interior design we have installed and would rather that took centre stage compared to any doors. Since painted doors and even veneer doors offer more prominence, they will often catch the eye when people come to visit and leave any other design choices you have made behind. This is yet another key area in which glass doors can help, since they are clear and open, allowing people to really feel the style you have installed in its purest form without any major distractions.

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European Style Doors vs British Style Doors
When deciding upon the best interior modern doors for your building, it’s important to have a full understanding of how both British and European designs differ from each other. They both come with a number of prominent similarities, but when it comes to general functionality, you will find selecting one over the other could make a real difference for everyday use. 

Both options come with 180 degree opening capacity, and they often appear very similar in terms of their aesthetic, however diving deeper into the inner workings of the two options will show how you can easily differentiate between them, giving you more knowledge when it comes to making the right decision about which would be more suitable. 

European Style Doors

After you have removed one of the vertical edges around the main construct of your European door, their rebated nature will give you a more precision minded finish. To get the best possible results, it's recommended that you take around half of the overall thickness away so that an easy and seamless closing mechanism can be established. Some of the key benefits for rebated doors would be the heat retention they can achieve, and the fact noise can be kept away from spaces you would rather be adopting a more ambient atmosphere. 

You will also find that the rebating qualities that come from typical European doors is a great way to improve solidity and more importantly the levels of security in and around your building. They are much thicker, which means they require far more force to compromise compared to most alternative models on the marketplace. Their smooth interlocking system will then provide you and any family members or co-workers with greater peace of mind when you have shut up shop for the evening. 

British Doors

Here in Britain, the door industry is always looking into brand new ways in which homeowners can take their property onto the 21st century for interior design. With the non-rebated nature of British models, you will have door solutions that can give off that all important contemporary vibe as they conceal things like hinges for a more streamlined appearance. Simple is often more with design, so non-rebated doors are a great way to install more functionality without intruding over your existing layout. 

Having non-rebated doors can really help you bring out other more important elements around the room. Since they will appear to be fully integrated into the wall, these doors offer the best answer for people who want doors simply to provide a method in which to obtain privacy or security. Choosing from sleek and high quality materials needed for a wooden door is often a hugely effective way to ensure you have given your home a massive injection of both sophistication and class.  

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9 Sliding Doors That Offer A Great Option For Your Space

Sliding Door Is a Intelligent Option For Saving Space - See below 9 Sliding door options 

Sliding doors are very useful as they do indeed prove to save a lot of space, since they are able to operate without opening and closing on a hinge. They simply are able to slide along instead on an installed sliding track. The door slides and therefore will not be swinging in and out as a door on a hinge does that takes up space. Yes, the sliding doors are efficient in saving space. They are easy to access as well. They just slide open or closed. Thus it is easy even for a child to open and close these doors. Another nice benefit is that they add a trendy, stylish look to a room as well.
Now we discuss the following doors that are provided by our great company that is very pleased to be able to serve you by providing you with amazing quality sliding doors.

1. Black ( Antrachite) Sliding Door 

This sliding door in black offers a nice modern look to a space. Its design is very sleek. It is fitted on a silver metal track. The long metal handle is a nice touch and suits the door very well. It adds sleek drama. For pricing click here.
Black sliding doors

2. Grey Sliding Door

This grey door is able to fit nicely into any space. It is great to use as a separator between a kitchen and a living area for those times when you are needing quiet in the kitchen as you cook. The door will block the noise that the kids are making in the living area when you need peace of mind. For pricing click here.
Grey sliding door


3.  Walnut Sliding Door

This is a fine quality door in the wood design that offers a contemporary and traditional look all at the same time. It really adds a nice warm touch to a space and the color is very nice. The long handle makes the door easy to slide open and shut.
walnut sliding doors

4. Sliding Doors for Dressing Room 

This white sliding door has a nice brightness to it and looks amazing with the deep gold yellow walls. This sliding door functions as a good door to a dressing room in a shop. It is easy for customers to slide open and shut.
White sliding doors

5. Living Room Sliding Wooden Doors with Clear Glass Side Panels

These double sliding doors in the color of white are simple, but elegant. They are set in with some glass panels on the sides of the doors as a nice accent to allow light. They still allow for the unity of the two separate areas to be felt, which is nice.
Double white sliding doors

6. Special Design Dressing Sliding Doors

The sliding doors are classy and elegant. They have white panels at the bottom with glass inserts that run about three quarters of the length of the sliding doors. They allow you to see into your closet and dressing room perfectly. Another use for sliding doors includes large bedrooms, where you can surprise the wife with a walk-in closet as well as the en-suite bathroom where is not necessary to use completed frosted glass but ones with some design in it.  
Wardrobes glazed doors

7. Oak Sliding Doors matching the oak flooring

This sliding door in a nice light wood tone brings warm charm to the space. The wood grain in the door is lovely. This door provides the nice separation to the areas that you desire.
Oak mat single wooden door

8. Traditional Pocket Glazed Doors for Living space area

These sliding doors have the look of lovely French doors. But instead of being on hinges, they slide. They bring real beauty to your space.
Pocket glazed doors

9. Bathroom Sliding Doors with Opaque Glass Panel

This white door is sturdy and highly functional, while also being nice looking. It brings a crisp, clean modern look to the space, while allowing you to close the door for privacy and quietness as needed. This is a nice understated solid door in white that keeps things looking clean and inspiring because of the pleasantness of the white color that is always able to match your décor, even when you change the décor. The door is a nice way to divide your main entrance from your living area to block out the sight of shoes and coats.
White sliding door with side panels

Would you build a new house or renovate a existing building? Sooner or later they will deal with the question of interior doors. How should the transition be made from one room to another?

An alternative are made to measure sliding doors available as glass or wood option. They offer the advantage that they need little space, since they are mounted either on the wall or in the wall (pocket doors) so that the door opening in the wall "disappears". Secondly, these doors can be operated almost silently.  Sliding doors can provide a completely new living experience. So you can share, for example, dining and living room into two separate areas when you cook. But if there is a celebration planned, the sliding door opens and there is a large open space. 

Security Soundproof Doors for Flat and Apartments

Security Soundproof Doors for Flat and Apartments

Soundproof Door and frame with different surface on each side

Security Soundproof Doors for Flats and Apartments from Doors4UK which can help prevent the possibility of house burglary.

To find more information regarding soundproof doors click here: Soundproof Doors
Soundproof Door and frame with different surface on each side
In what ways can you make his house best burglar proof? The best way is to have proper security doors which make you feel safe in your own space. They also give you a better and quieter residential environment due to the seal gasket around the stop doors and the drop down threshold. The security doors are the result of numerous test conducted at the laboratories in Germany.
Doors4UK provides soundproof and burglar security made to measure doors with different type of finishes from laminate to veneer and painted doors. The door can have different surface on each side of the door which will make it much easier to integrate with interior design of the apartment.
The option of 3 point lock or 5 point lock will make the doors safer and give more resistance force due to the bolts that go into the frame offering a particularly high standard burglary protection. The model of a continuous metal locking bar that includes 3-point locking with two swivel hooks is an additional which is making more difficult for burglars to open it.


Security soundproof door with high safety 5 point locking system

The soundproofing of the door is greater than a standard door as it has full massive core which make the noise level immediately noticeable from the first day of installing the new security door. With the addition of the drop down threshold (draft excluder) this will block any air coming in or out from the apartment make it better sound proofing. The range of soundproofing start from 28dB to 43db with different thickness of the door which corresponds with the sound levels require from 40mm respectively 45mm.
Security soundproof door with high safety 5 point lock

drop seal threshold for fire doors
About Doors4UK.co.uk
Doors4UK represent Grauthoff interest in UK which manufacture made to measure wooden doors with laminate surface and real wood veneer finishes in both option as sliding or with hinges. The range is completed with made to measure glass doors giving the customer the choice between wood and glass but not compromising on quality. Customers include a broad spectrum of interior designer and architects, self-home builders, contractors as well as private clients. Check our Facebook Page: #Doors4UK
Author: Doors4UK team, Unit C1, Gate 3, Greenhill Crescent, Watford, WD188PH. To find out the more about our quality fire doors and door sets click the link below:
Soundproof Doors
Wide range of Wooden Doors with Laminated Finish

CPL Laminated Wooden Doors that are abrasion, scratch and shock-resistant

They give the impression of being akin to surface veneer, feel like authentic wood, but happen to be specially well-built, colorfast and simple to wash. Laminated doors with CPL surface types are the genuine substitute for real wood surface veneer doors.

See our Video to give you more information about the wooden doors laminated finish:

CPL symbolize Continuous Pressure Laminate – a instructive idea could be: a laminate from the continuous pressing a number of layers of paper with hardening melamine polyester resin which is formed. The outer lining is covered with a protecting film made available from melamine polyester resin. This makes them very sturdy. CPL surfaces more to abrasion, scratch and shock-resistant than other surfaces. Hold light scrapes in addition to stand crayons. They are solvent-and heat-resistant, smudge-proof and simple to wipe out.

The laminate doors may be obtained as solid made of wood or as fire rated together with the lighter in weight alternative with tube core construction. Regardless of whether within the private property or commercial area – rest assured that that CPL also the heaviest duty hardly leaves an indication.
Surface types of made to measure doors are available in CPL are: Beech, oak antique, Wenge, Walnut, White RAL 9010, Oak nature, Maple, Cherry, Dark Grey, Aluminum Grey, Knot Oak along with finishes that you can get here about interior doors.  The vast majority of the surface could have the grain in cross wise and more than that all the surfaces can be obtained with glazing.

For more information about Laminated wooden doors please click here.
Glass doors, Beautiful modern designs

Glass doors – modern designs

These days’ home-owners leave aside the common décor and begin to choose the modern designs when they refurbish their living spaces. These modern approaches bring with them original doors designs that highlight the appearance of their homes. Glass doors are one of these stylish ways to realize the modern look in your own home. Combined with various possibilities as a swing, sliding or hinged door, glass is an ideal and safe material, an innovative interaction, unsurpassed quality and perfect processing of all materials.

Property owners who are after a modern style for their houses love to add sliding glass doors to their redecoration plans. Sliding glass doors provide besides the minimalist approach to the room’s design scheme, also using the modern pattern can transform the entire look in the way that conventional doors will never fulfil.
One of the differences between a traditional door and a glass door is the glass door allows the rooms to feel more ample and accessible. These doors provide a perfect match for the small houses who needs open spaces.
If these kind of doors satisfy your desires you will be thankful to know that you can find in our range multiple finishes like: patterned glass, clear glass, frosted glass and many more. To decide on the finish for the glass doors take into consideration the privacy that you require and the other existing patterns that you have inside your rooms in order to obtain an integrated whole.
Beside the fact that glass doors are easy to use, are also safer due to the fact that they are created from a toughened safety glass, tested in Germany to ensure it resistance to heavy impacts and that will not shatter like a traditional glass door.
Combine function and design as you wish on the spatial circumstances, experiencing a completely new feeling of amplitude with glass sliding doors.