Walnut Doors - Bespoke Black Walnut Internal Doors

Walnut Doors - Special doors for luxury projects. Black walnut is the most respected wood among North America's fine hardwoods. It has many practical and physical properties, recognized worldwide as the aristocrat of fine hardwoods.
Walnut's woodworking properties have earned the respect of fine craftsmen since the 16th Century. Today, walnut real wood veneer is not only used for furniture, but, because the trend of interior designers to create continuity by matching furniture and doors, this real wood veneer has become a desired finish in choice of interior bespoke doors.
Walnut doors are made of one of the most beautiful hardwoods available. American black walnut offers one of the most interesting finishes available for interior walnut doors, which makes it a great exotic touch for your home. Thus, you can have both a unique design and a durable material for your door. Moreover, choosing the furniture in the room to match the walnut internal doors will create even a more impressive and unitary aspect of your interior decoration, by providing attractiveness and beauty.
Internal walnut doors are produced from an increasingly popular hardwood choice because of its smooth and tight grain texture. The black walnut veneer is generally straight grained, but occasionally has a wavy or curly grain that produces an attractive and decorative effect. Black American walnut is known as a strong and stable wood and its density stands for the long-lasting feature that this wood has. Moreover, Doors4UK is environmentally aware, which means that these doors are produced from socially responsible black veneer wood selections.
Walnut real wood veneer, with its attractive grain finishes, lacquered or matt, is always in demand for its elegance and expression of good taste. It is used in wide and tall made-to-measure internal doors of up to 1200mm wide and 2472mm high and is available in a variety of designs.

Bespoke black walnut internal doors can be produced as:
Fire rated for 30 or 60 minutes
Double hinged doors
Single sliding door on wall
Pocket single sliding door
Double sliding doors on wall
Pocket double sliding doors
Single sliding door with glass side and/or glass top panel
Double sliding door with glass side and/or glass top panels

Walnut fully-finished interior doors are made to suit any home with a traditional or even futuristic design. These timber doors can be supplied with flush finishes or with designs as stainless-steel inlays, but they can also have different functionalities. Walnut fully-finished internal doors can be used as entrance-to-flat door, blocking the noise due to the soundproof feature. It can also be fire-rated for 30 minutes, security door and even smoke-proof doors for garages. To assist you find the very best interior walnut doors, here are a few of the most striking advantages you will discover when investigating and picking a new walnut interior door for your home.
This rare and exclusive wood will be the center of interest with its typical intensive brown colour. Known as a trendy, wood black walnut is utilized quite often in furniture, which makes it even more interesting for interior doors. The high-contrast combination with white elements emphasizes the current trend.

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Standard Features

  1. Premium Class Doors
  2. Doors produced using laser technology
  3. Natural wooden doors
  4. Real wood veneer doors
  5. Sustainability and Ecology

Optional Features

  1. burglary protection doors
  2. Thermal protection doors
  3. Fireproof doors
  4. Radiation protection doors
  5. Smoke Protection Doors
  6. Soundproof door set

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Bespoke door designs for sliding doors
Wooden single sliding door with one top and one side panel Wooden single sliding door with top and side panels Wooden double sliding doors with side and top panels Bespoke door design for standard hinged door Double wood doors Double door with one side panel Double doors with double side panels Single door with top panel Single door with side pane Single door with double side panels 

Double doors with top glass panel Double door with side and top panel Double doors with top and sides glass panels single door with top glass panel  single door with top and side panel single door with sides and top glass panels
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