Terms and conditions of warranty

Doors4UK doors and frames are meant to be used in private and commercial spaces, only at interior side, without direct contact with exterior side in normal conditions. The maintenance of the doors needs to be made with normal house used cleaning products without any strong acid. Opening and closing of the doors needs to be made without any excessive force and needs to have enough space where to open. In cases when large items are blocking the opening space of the door, a proper door stopper needs to be fitted, to avoid mechanical accidental damages. At any circumstances the doors and the frames cannot be altered by fixing hanging hooks or any other items which can modify the weight of the door or can damage the structure of the door and frame. Fixing of extra locks, air vents or any accessories needs to be made by qualified personal, otherwise can void the warranty.
- The warranty is issued to the buyer based on the contract of sales of goods and can be transferred only with the written approval of Doors4UK the new owner of the location where the goods are installed.
- The warranty starts at the moment when the goods are delivered to the customer premises and is individually for each item. In the contracts where the goods are delivered in stages, each item starts the warranty period at the moment of delivery and is not related with the fitting or the end of the project date.
- When the goods are delivered directly to the customer by the transport company, the customer needs to check individually each item against any transport faults and report them on the spot in the transport documentation. The warranty does not cover transport damages.
- Warranty does not cover bad handling or manoeuvring on site or faulty fitting made by untrained personal. 
- Standard warranty for goods purchased from Doors4UK is 1 year, but in some cases, depending of the type of contract, the customer can purchase a longer warranty. The warranty can be different for doors and frames, for hardware and accessories or for fitting, even if are part of the same contract. The warranty will give clear specification about the warranty for each type of product.
- Returns under warranty are accepted only in the first 30 days since delivery and only for items which cannot be repaired or adjusted. After 30 days Doors4UK will do their best to repair the faults in a satisfactory manner in the shortest time frame possible, based on fitting schedule and the distance up to the customer premises.
- For repairs or replacements under warranty, the customer have to be sympathetic with the situation and to understand that Doors4UK will repair or replace the goods, but not in an specific time frame, to avoid any financial loose occurred by individual trips, specific access hours or personalised requests from the customer.
- Items with small transport faults will be repaired on site in a satisfactory manner under the warranty, to avoid future financial losses generated by reordering the item and/ or repeated trips for collecting, delivering or fitting the item.
- The warranty does not cover: normal wear and tear, where the goods are losing a slight part of the color during time and intense exposure to sun light, or small scratches appear because of the cleaning procedures.
- The warranty does not cover damages or improper functionalities occurred because structural changes of the walls and/ or the location where the goods are fitted.
- The warranty does not cover the negligent care and maintenance.
- The warranty does not cover improper installation or improper initial and subsequent operation
- The warranty does not cover negligent or intended destruction. When the customer is placing a warranty complain based on intended destruction, Doors4UK is reserving the right to claim compensations.
- The warranty does not cover faults resulted from external influences such fire, water, salts, alkaline solutions or strong acids
- The warranty does not cover faults from abnormal environmental influences like high differences in temperature between both sides of the door (more than 15 °C), high humidity areas or areas with higher than normal level of vibrations. The warranty is active for those doors in that type of areas only if the customer is purchasing the recommended type of doors for each specific type.
- The warranty does not cover mechanical damage trough improper handling and fitting or repairs by non-qualified persons.
- The warranty does not cover faults appeared during the refitting of products, even if is made by Doors4UK trained staff.
When the customer is purchasing fitting together with the items purchased from Doors4UK, the workmanship is covered by the workmanship warranty not by the product warranty. In case that faults appear during or after the fitting because of the fitting, Doors4UK will understand to do everything necessary to remedy the faults in a satisfactory manner. If a replacement is necessary because of damages occurred during fitting, the claim will be made against the liability insurance of the company, not against the warranty of the product.
In case of a fault, the customer needs to protect or in some cases even stop using the door until Doors4UK staff is attending to fix the fault. Faults occurred by usage of a faulty door will not be covered by the warranty.
No consequential faults or losses will be covered by this warranty.