Glass doors, Beautiful modern designs

Glass doors – modern designs

These days’ home-owners leave aside the common décor and begin to choose the modern designs when they refurbish their living spaces. These modern approaches bring with them original doors designs that highlight the appearance of their homes. Glass doors are one of these stylish ways to realize the modern look in your own home. Combined with various possibilities as a swing, sliding or hinged door, glass is an ideal and safe material, an innovative interaction, unsurpassed quality and perfect processing of all materials.

Property owners who are after a modern style for their houses love to add sliding glass doors to their redecoration plans. Sliding glass doors provide besides the minimalist approach to the room’s design scheme, also using the modern pattern can transform the entire look in the way that conventional doors will never fulfil.
One of the differences between a traditional door and a glass door is the glass door allows the rooms to feel more ample and accessible. These doors provide a perfect match for the small houses who needs open spaces.
If these kind of doors satisfy your desires you will be thankful to know that you can find in our range multiple finishes like: patterned glass, clear glass, frosted glass and many more. To decide on the finish for the glass doors take into consideration the privacy that you require and the other existing patterns that you have inside your rooms in order to obtain an integrated whole.
Beside the fact that glass doors are easy to use, are also safer due to the fact that they are created from a toughened safety glass, tested in Germany to ensure it resistance to heavy impacts and that will not shatter like a traditional glass door.
Combine function and design as you wish on the spatial circumstances, experiencing a completely new feeling of amplitude with glass sliding doors.