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The average LEAD TIME for our products is between 6 TO 10 WEEKS since the order is confirmed

Discover new perspectives of interior design with an internal door from the Individual glass door collection. With individual frames, lettering, symbols and logo’s, glass doors attract unmistakable attention. Based on your particular style, you can choose what you want to have engraved on a door – a glass door to express your personality and add your individual touch.
Product development is very important to us. This results in a culmination of precision technology and top quality materials reflecting an excellent finish of the highest standards. The Individual internal glass doors provide a homogenous décor in any room with unbeatable advantages.
Glass plays an important role in modern architecture. We pride ourselves in implementing the highest standards of workmanship associated with timeless design while introducing a multitude of added purposes of a door.
Available in combinations of door styles - a swing, sliding or hinged door – the Individual glass door collection has many specific features: it is produced from safe materials meeting ultimate safety standards, allows ideal innovative interaction between spaces and prides itself in unsurpassed quality and perfect processing of all materials. 
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