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Manufacturer of Veneer Doors and Frames, Oak Veneered Doors and Walnut Doors

The Grauthoff factory ensure that only the finest raw materials are used in processing precision techniques to create veneered doors of an excellent quality for wide range of finishes as oak, walnut, cherry and others. This way you can obtain the best value and the utmost quality delivered with astounding results all the time. We know how important it is for you to get the best stylish bespoke internal veneer doors and the oak based ones are definitely worth the investment. And since we deliver nothing but the best products on the market, you can count on us to obtain 100% satisfaction and outstanding results at an affordable price. Veneered Doors are wooden internal doors with veneer surface that shows the real timber. To keep the appearance after the veneer is stuck on the door a lacquer paint is applied.

A Fantastic Range of Bespoke Interior Doors and Door Sets Available with width up to 1209mm and heights up to 2472mm.

Complete Service From Survey to Installation.
All workmanship is guaranteed for 2 years for fitted products.

Please note: As wood is a naturally grown material, each tree may have slightly different colours and figure/patterns - like its own fingerprint. As we use only natural woods with their unique nature-related differences and peculiarities, please be aware that each door will have its own ‘fingerprint’ of nature. Colour variations between the samples and final door products are a given. At HGM, our veneers are all environment-friendly products from sustainably managed forests. These are selected and personally inspected by our real wood specialists.

The highest quality and pure nature - veneered doors and internal oak doors from Grauthoff Germany

Attractive design solutions for your living rooms. Interior doors made โ€‹โ€‹of wood add a unique natural quality to your decor. Solid wood doors and country-house doors radiate warmth and liveliness. Wooden doors can be used with transom frames or moulding frames while glazed panels introduce unusual accents into your interior. Different types of wood - from oak, beech and pine to walnut - present unique and attractive door design solutions: Options without limits! Every natural oak real wood veneered differs in grain, growth rings and colour, offering unique bespoke internal wooden doors. Real wood veneer made-to-measure interior doors can be manufactured in many different designs. Additional options are to enhance the design by adding stainless steel inlays in different forms and colours, grain shapes as crosswise and upright veneer mixtures, creating perfect internal doors for any interior.
Your veneered doors are seen as the focal point of your home and not just an option for soundproofing, it may be worth the extra expense to ultimately get the look you require but more often the requirement for a made to measure door stems from a need for unusual size doors. More and more architects and interior designers look to match the wooden interior doors with the exterior door and frames, and adding glass as a panel to any internal door creates a better environment. A door sets has the door hardware fitted, hinges and lock, so no need to waste time on site fitting them. Using high quality hinges as SIMONWERKS could improve the overall appearance of the door sets with no disturbance of the line between door and frame. Adding a magnetic lock to the door sets the overall impressions is fantastic as nothing is disturbing the line created by the door and frame. Imagine that the door stays by itself without any support. Have you thought about your interior wooden door this way? How this will look when no hinges and strike plate are visible. You will have a stunning door directly from manufacturer. The internal wooden door will be created and designed specifically for your home with specific sizes regarding the door and wall thickness. Always look for interior doors that can add character to your home.

Have you found the Veneer Doors that you need, if not just call us on 01923 800 111.


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