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Over the past 60 years, Grauthoff Group continues to be working in the production of premium quality solid wood interior doors constructed from wood material. This information and skill are ingrained in every Grauthoff internal massive doors and in every interior developed by Grauthoff. Solid wood is usually high quality and flexible material used to manufacture doors of all types.

Solid oak doors
Oak Solid Wood Door Set
Contains: Oak veneer solid door British style, oak frame and architrave, factory fitted hidden hinges and lock
Starting Price: £978.00*

Solid wood internal doors walnut
Walnut Solid Wood Door Set
Contains: Walnut veneer solid door British style, walnut frame and architrave, factory fitted hidden hinges and lock
Starting Price: £1,019.00*

solid wood internal doors uk
Cherry Solid Wood Door Set
Contains: Cherry veneer solid door European style, cheery frame and architrave, factory fitted visible hinges and lock
Starting Price: £810.00*

Solid wood doors beech
Beech Solid Wood Door Set
Contains: Beech veneer solid door British style, beech frame and architrave, factory fitted hidden hinges and lock
Starting Price: £948.00*

* Prices excl. VAT and transport for a door set to be fitted in an opening up to 1000mm wide, 2100mm height and wall opening up to 160mm

A Fantastic Range of Quality Solid Fire Doors and Door Sets Available
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All workmanship is guaranteed for 2 years for fitted products

The Solid Wood Door can have any finishes as laminate, real wood veneer or painted


“Made in Germany“ stands around the globe for craftsmanship quality. The HGM design represents good quality, innovation and contemporary door designs, meaning that the HGM solid wood interior doors are available only in specialist stores where the solid wood interior doors are presented with a different style of hinges, panels and hardware.


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Do you know how a solid wood door is made? See below a door core for a solid wood internal door

Customers are guaranteed with engineered core solid internal doors that are able to be built-into all the rooms ambiance, frequent styles of designs. Because of our capacity to create solid wood interior doors in just about any sort of wood make this possible. The wood grain is usually upright or crosswise, as well as a combination of those two. Along with these designs, there may be models with grooves that form stunning solid wood doors.

Whether there are usually solid wood doors, moulded painted doors or extravagant wild wooden doors, at the moment that we allow nature to find its imaginative appearance, the actual result consists of interior doors that are distinctive and unique. Solid wooden doors are designed like expensive furniture of our noble woods. This timber and also the individual manufacturing process provides just about every single wooden door with an exclusive touch.

The solid door material properties:

• Thermal insulation
• Sound-deadening
• Airtight
• Helps to regulate the humidity in the rooms
• Promote a healthy living environment
• Very stable
• Durable
• Thermally and biologically recyclable
• Aesthetic
• Environmentally-friendly production

Solid door structure
solid wood interior doors core
Solid Wood Door Cross Section

In addition to the masterly processing, there is one more important feature, which is the door core, a solid engineered structure that ensures the highest material strength. The heat and sound insulating characteristics make wood an ideal material for manufacturing solid wood interior doors. Wood, as a normal material, contributes to a healthy indoor climate and can be extremely versatile to process. Since the wood used inside a house is not subjected to weather conditions, the repair costs are lower. If additional information about solid wood doors is needed, for example, glazing styles required for fire doors or made to measure sizes, you must seek consultation from a specialist, who comes to your house, take the measurements and offers help based on your individual housing circumstances.

Are you looking for French doors or room dividers? We do have an extensive range of sliding doors, double doors with sidelight and top-lights, fire doors and door sets up to 2500mm tall.

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