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Style and structural solidity are just some of the reasons to look into solid wooden doors, and with our range coming from the renowned Grauthoff group, we have the means to supply the finest products constructed with the best wooden based materials. A broad level of expertise and skill is at the very centre of each and every solid wood door they manufacture, giving off a strong and prominent finish for every household they find themselves installed. 

With solid wooden doors brought from Grauthoff, you will feel the benefit of high quality and flexible materials that are suited to any structure and décor they need to be a part of. Their German origins is an exemplary mark of excellence for impeccable craftsmanship, representing keen innovation and contemporary ideas. Given their lucrative status, you will find that these solid wood doors are only available in selected stores where you are presented with various types of hinges, panels and hardware. 

Solid oak doors
Oak Solid Wood Door Set
Contains: Oak veneer solid door British style, oak frame and architrave, factory fitted hidden hinges and lock
Starting Price: £978.00*

Solid wood internal doors walnut
Walnut Solid Wood Door Set
Contains: Walnut veneer solid door British style, walnut frame and architrave, factory fitted hidden hinges and lock
Starting Price: £1,019.00*

solid wood internal doors uk
Cherry Solid Wood Door Set
Contains: Cherry veneer solid door European style, cheery frame and architrave, factory fitted visible hinges and lock
Starting Price: £810.00*

Solid wood doors beech
Beech Solid Wood Door Set
Contains: Beech veneer solid door British style, beech frame and architrave, factory fitted hidden hinges and lock
Starting Price: £948.00*

* Prices excl. VAT and transport for a door set to be fitted in an opening up to 1000mm wide, 2100mm height and wall opening up to 160mm

A Fantastic Range of Quality Solid Fire Doors and Door Sets Available
Complete Service From Survey to Installation
All workmanship is guaranteed for 2 years for fitted products

The Solid Wood Door can have any finishes as laminate, real wood veneer or painted


“Made in Germany“ stands around the globe for craftsmanship quality. The HGM design represents good quality, innovation and contemporary door designs, meaning that the HGM solid wood interior doors are available only in specialist stores where the solid wood interior doors are presented with a different style of hinges, panels and hardware.


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Solid Wood Internal Doors

No matter what style and ambience you have established within your home, we will be able to engineer the core for solid wood internal doors to match with your décor in seamless fashion. The fact we can manufacture solid wood interior doors with a variety of materials, you will have a plethora of suitable options to select from, all of which will be centred around bolstering you interior with more style and sophistication.

Some of the designs we have for solid wood internal doors will come with grain which is upright or crosswise, as well as certain models that blend both these options together. Furthermore, you may also want to consider our designs which adopt grooves, since they form stunning finishes that can truly elevate your layout in really effective ways. 


The solid door material properties:

• Thermal insulation
• Sound-deadening
• Airtight
• Helps to regulate the humidity in the rooms
• Promote a healthy living environment
• Very stable
• Durable
• Thermally and biologically recyclable
• Aesthetic
• Environmentally-friendly production

Solid door structure
solid wood interior doors core
Solid Wood Door Cross Section

Whether you have selected solid wood interior doors which are moulded painted or considered luxury, we always call upon natural elements to improve the appearance of our models, allowing us to provide products which are distinctive and unique. Much like expensive furniture, solid wood internal doors need high quality timber and an effective manufacturing process to get a prominent design in place, so we are always very careful when sourcing our materials.

More Information About Solid Wood Internal Doors 

A well as the masterful approach we take with processing, we also place strong emphasis on formulating a quality-minded core with a solid engineered structure with the highest material strength. Using heat and insulating characteristics are also vitally important as they provide the perfect construct for manufacturing the finest solid wood interior doors. 

Choosing wood for your doors means you will be able to oversee a much healthier climate, and you will also have something which is highly versatile when it comes to processing. Also being placed inside means solid wood internal doors are never exposed to harsh weather conditions, so they won’t incur any damage due to cool and rainy conditions. 

For more information about which solid wood interior doors would be best for your building, it’s always worth seeking out a specialist for advice. They can explain the different glazing styles available for fire doors and take relevant measurements based on your individual requirements. 


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