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The average LEAD TIME for our products is between 6 TO 10 WEEKS since the order is confirmed

A ‘transparent house’ is created by connecting your inner living space to the outside - by using specialised glass doors - allowing you to live in harmony with nature. Contrary to this ‘openness’, safety and security are of utmost importance to us. A safety filling is secured between laminate glass layers, ensuring ultimate security while adding aesthetic value – all produced to the highest quality - available in a timeless design and easy to maintain.  
With its specially-designed surface quality, glass is proving its strengths every day. The structure of the innovative door - the Laminate glass door collection - is one of the most hygienic surfaces available. Water, sunlight and chemicals will not alter the colour or surface or affect the glass surface in any way – unlike the damage water can cause to a wooden door. Glass is distortion free – no warping, expansion or discolouration. Equipped with all these advantages, glass doors enhance the atmosphere of any room. 
Glass is made from natural, solid, opaque materials (silica sand, lime and soda), is odourless, neutral and hygienic. It has a very high chemical resistance to water, salt solutions, acids, alkalis and organic solvents - a natural advantage because of it resistance to damaging materials. This, together with the aesthetics and multiple functions of a glass door, is the reason why the trend to including glass doors in a modern home is increasing rapidly.
Laminate glass consists of two superimposed glass sheets, interconnected by a PVB film. This safeguards and creates a completely smooth outer surface - which is easy to clean – while providing its definitive stability, due to the manufacturing process of highly specialised quality, care and workmanship. 
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