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The metal-framed windows and doors appeared on the market in the 1880s and become the best seller in the art deco era. These types of windows and doors are having today a comeback as patio doors, wall-partitions, kitchen and dining room doors or old-fashioned windows. The original steel doors and screens were and still are very popular due to the symmetrical look and the amount of natural light that enters the room. All these looks and benefits can be also found in the aluminium framed doors which are a very similar replacement. 
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What type of door is suitable for your home?

type of hinged metal framed doors

type of metal framed internal doors
*Price for metal framed doors up to 900mm width and 2100mm height, excl. VAT and transport
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With our aluminium solutions, the possibilities are infinite. We supply and install metal framed doors that are hinged, sliding, pocket, bifold and even wall partitions. Thanks to the light that can pass through these doors, you can create a bright and spacious effect for different living spaces. If more privacy is required, you can always choose frosted glass instead of clear panels. Besides the custom made designs that can be obtained from different alignments of the profiles, the coating of the metal bars can be in any RAL colour. 

Transform your home with a personalised door

The industrial style glass doors never looked so good and that is why the interior designers love them so much. The minimalist decor which includes brick walls and oak flooring is the perfect environment for any type of metal internal doors, from single hinged ones to elaborate walls that can separate the bedroom from the rest of the house, making it easier the transition of light.

The aluminium framed doors and partitions are the new trends in terms of remodelling a house. People tend to create more and more spaces with natural light and to care about the quality of the products that they are using in their homes. The aluminium framed grid-like doors can balance all sorts of interior decors, from modern to Scandinavian design, combining beauty, simplicity, and functionality into a home environment.  

Our company also supplies steel-framed doors with glass, so if you want to find more details about this luxury product, please click here
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Aluminium interior doors with minimalist design
advantages of metal framed doors

The original steel doors are very robust, with slim profiles and have a thicker panel where the handle is installed. Nothing is better than the original steel product, but the aluminium framed doors also have their own qualities. The aluminium solutions are durable, 100% recyclable, easy to install and maintain, and light, which makes the opening smooth. Besides the physical characteristics, the plus of the metal framed doors is that the budget needed for the installation of these doors is not as big as the one for the steel ones. Our doors are not intended to replace the original steel doors, but to offer similar slim lines and a product that anybody can afford.

slim aluminium profile

Why aluminium profiles?

Our aluminium profiles are manufactured in Germany and coated with high-quality paintings for a flawless finish.  It also has the following benefits:
• 3 x lighter than steel
• smooth surface
• high corrosion resistance
• thinner than wooden interior doors
• easy to install and maintain 
• available in any RAL colour



Hardware for metal frames doors

When deciding to purchase an internal aluminium door, an important aspect is the hardware that comes with it. To be able to enjoy your door for many years, all the ironmongeries need to have a durable mechanism in order to ensure a lifetime of maintenance-free. This is why the factory supplies the hinges, latch and handle in the same finish as the slim-profile frame and uses the latest innovation to offer high-quality hardware for all metal glass doors.

Hinged Doors 

180 degree black hinges180º hinge

Our specialist hinges will give the perfect look to your new aluminium framed door. They come in the same finish as the metal profiles and can open either 180º or 90º depending on your requirements. 
The ones that open 180º are fitted on the frame and they allow the door to open fully. 
If you don't have enough space where to open the door, the top and bottom hinges are suitable. As the name suggests, they are installed on the top and bottom of the door. 

swing top and bottom hinge90º top and bottom hinges
Latch vs Knobs

From a single hinged door to a more complicated partition, the handle plays an important part in the design and functionality of a door. If the door required needs to have any sort of mechanism that will keep the door locked then the latch with the lever handle is the best solution. On the opposite side, if the door needs to have easy access, the knob or a bar handle installed together with roller catcher can enhance the design of your door without being too intrusive.  
black latch vs knobs

Sliding Doors

sliding system for metal framed doorsSliding system

The sliding system and the flush handles are usually supplied together for our sliding metal internal doors. The minimalist design combined with modern technology is what defines the TVIN 2.0 sliding system. The feature of this sliding system is the soft closing mechanism which allows the door to slide by itself in the closing position. 
The flush handle is the most popular one because the door can be opened fully and the full passing space can be used. 

flush handle for sliding doorsFlush handle

Fitted Projects

The number of requests that we receive for our premium metal framed doors is large and we aim to help all our customers. We are doing our best to produce any aluminium glass door design and that is why we want to present our fitted projects including the simple and the complicated ones. Check for yourself the quality of our products and the designs that we are able to provide for our customers.


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