~ Custom Made Sliding Doors ~

glazing sliding doors
Glazing Sliding Doors
If you are looking to save space and need some form of internal room dividers, then our range of custom made designs could very well be the best way forward. Not only are internal room dividers capable of offering more style around your home, but they also significantly improve the levels of practicality you have established. Do you have a lack of room around certain rooms? Don’t worry! Our custom made sliding doors can remain unnoticed even in the tightest areas, helping you retain an ambient atmosphere. 

So much authenticity can be implemented when you choose our custom made sliding doors to act as internal room dividers. They instil a certain amount of charm and sophistication, which isn’t easily achieved with a number of other common options. We offer custom made sliding doors which come pre-assembled, and also on offer are large sliding doors which already come fully finished, so nothing is required by the customer. 

large sliding doors
Large Sliding Doors

No matter which interior design you have in place, we are sure to have internal room dividers that complement any décor in the most effective way possible. Adding an open and expansive vibe around the home is also something our custom made sliding doors excel with, since they expand the atmosphere within rooms, giving you more enjoyment when the weather becomes warmer.

Our German factory is the centre-point of the success behind our internal room dividers, as this is the very place our range of custom made sliding doors are manufactured to perfection. Some of the most popular designs would be the exclusive veneers and RAL coloured models. Whatever you choose, we are certain that you will be adding a wave of impeccable taste!

~ Hidden Sliding Doors ~ 

glazed pocket doors
Glazed Pocket Doors

Another alternative for internal room dividers would be hidden sliding doors, which also help people make sure they are saving space around their home. Even where room is at a major premium, these internal room dividers can save up 10 square feet, which is hugely beneficial when trying to get the precise room layout you want to have in place. 

Any hidden sliding doors will be sold as assembled units and come with the required sliding system and handles. Getting a natural vibe installed with the use of internal door dividers is something lots of people want to have established, and our range is sure to offer the required platform to extract more light, ready to hand your home an injection of vibrancy at every turn. 

There are two common variations in the form of glazed pocket doors and double pocket doors. The former is a great way to maximise the impact of light dispersion, whereas the latter shines as an extra wide and tall model, where easy access is needed all the time. You can also use these as effective internal room dividers, giving you the means to open up rooms and then place more focus on privacy where necessary. 

double pocket doors
Double Pocket Doors
~ Made to Measure Bifold Doors ~ 

made to measure bi fold doors
Made to Measure Bifold Doors

Maybe take it up another notch when you are looking for internal room dividers and dive deep into the range of bi-fold doors we have on offer. Yet again, this is a model that provides an abundance of beauty and practicality, allowing you to seamlessly separate two different rooms, whilst also being able to maintain an expansive atmosphere when we experience pleasant weather. 

If you want internal room dividers that can help reaffirm your desire to have an ambient tone around your home, then bi-folds are certainly a great choice to make. Their versatile nature makes them suitable for all manner of households, you simply need to pick out the design that best fits with your décor to get the results and finish you are looking for. 

One of the most important factors behind bi-fold doors would be the materials you choose. At the forefront of what we supply are models crafted for sliding wood doors, as this provides elegance and stability. There are loads of colours and grain choices you can make, which means your door can be tailored towards your unique taste in style. The other common choice made would be glazed bi-fold doors, as they offer a practical design and allow the extraction of natural light. 

glazed bi fold doors
Glazed Bifold Doors


~ Special Sliding Doors ~ 
Because our factory is specialized in creating bespoke door designs based on our customer’s imagination and desire, the below sliding doors with glass top panels stand as a proof of this statement.
The bespoke sliding doors were manufactured to fit perfectly into our client’s apartment and also to act like separation walls between flat’s small rooms.

custom made sliding doors
Custom Made Sliding Doors

custom sliding door
Custom Sliding Doors

modern sliding door
Modern Sliding Doors

german sliding doors
German Sliding Doors

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Want to see more about our luxury internal doors, have a look at our German catalogues

bartel new catalogue
Luxury Doors Catalogue

bartel catalogue
Luxury Internal Doors Catalogue

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