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Perfect fire glass protection for demanding living concept.

Do you need glazed fire doors and walls. Have a look at the our range walls up to 5000mm tall.

Design freedom without compromise: Doors4UK extends the possibilities of ambitious interior design with the all-glass fire protection door. Thanks to the successful combination of form and function, the door system combines preventive fire protection with a high degree of transparency and design. The result is reliable security in a new form - purist, attractive and contemporary. For an architectural freedom of design, the optics and responsibility optimally linked. Whether a new project or modernization architects, planners and builders can set a lasting impression. Adapted to the various application areas, there is the fire glass system in single-wing design plus fixed sides and upper lights. Nordemann supplies complete units consisting of door leaf, different frame variants and all necessary fittings

Fire glass door with side and top panel

Hardware for fire glass doors

fire glass fire glass door

Doors 4 UK gives peace of mind that in the event of a fire you have security and protection with our new range of glass fire walls and doors.

Doors 4 UK offers a full service from design through to installation for any project with fire glass doors. With our in-depth knowledge of specialist fire glass we provide a supply and fit service for fire rated, safety, acoustic and other specialist doors and walls throughout the United Kingdom; as well as general glass and glazing projects with a wide range of frames and frameless glass.
Fire rated glass or fire resistant is a special design glass that has been proven to be responsible for protection against fire and smoke – the degree of protection presented will depend on the type of glass but generally the glass acts as a fire wall to help prevent the spread of flames and smoke in the event of a fire (integrity). More than that certain types of fire resistant glass will also provide a degree of security against the heat of a fire (insulation). Once tested, glass is given an official fire protection rating. Our design glass has been assessed in German Laboratory and has a European Norm certificate. The degree of protection offered is given in time periods, ranging upwards of 30 minutes. We can help you use fire resistant glazing as part of an integrated fire safety strategy for your project. If you need glazed wall partition please see our range and designs.

A Fantastic Range of Fire Glass Doors and Door Sets Available
Complete Service From Survey to Installation
All workmanship is guaranteed for 2 years for fitted products


Fire resistant glass - wide range of frame designs and colours

Office fire glass walls anf doors - oak and beech frames

fire glass with side panels fire resistant glass

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