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What exactly do you think becomes the most attractive thing whenever someone enters your house? It has to be your sliding door because of its unique appeal and it’s the most amazing point of not taking extra space in your room. Sliding doors are expensive but the class and finesse they bring to your house are undeniable. The only requirement they have that they have to be custom made for the best possible fitting because of the size variations.
If you are looking for a full range of Made to Measure doors in any material be it oak, walnut, wenge, or white factory painted, we are here to satisfy all your demands and provide you with nothing but the best. You name it and we can manufacture and supply to it with our staff working hard to bring you what you have exactly imagined in your entrance hallway. Be it the most unusual or the most eccentric door that you want for your house, we are here to understand your need and a chat with one of our staff members will put all your worries to rest. With the most unique and distinct collection is designs and styles, we are here to give you what nobody else in the market can even offer.
Do you have an artistic imagination? If yes, then feel free to come to us because if what you want is not already available in our collection then we’ll be more than happy to make it for you. Just come to us even if you have a vague idea or a just an unclear view of what you want and we’ll be happy to enhance it with our own aesthetic sense along with supplying it with inlays or gazing and flames, coming up with a finished product which is much better than what you had imagined. Are you looking for French doors or room dividers, click here.

Find below some of the most wanted finishes and designs:

Sliding wooden doors with glass side panels Black walnut sliding wood doors Oak sliding wooden doors Looking for glass sliding doors - click here
sliding door white sliding walnut door sliding oak door Sliding glass doors - Gemeni

The quality of our Made to Measure bespoke oak sliding doors set, when fitted properly by our professional fitters, are the best buy you can have.

The interesting thing about our range of Made to Measure doors is that the amount of designs available are limited only by your imagination. They can be supplied with inlays or glazing and frames and we can supply all Made to Measure doors as a set, all soft-closer and handles square or round etc. These made to measure doors do not need maintenance and on more traditional properties they can be a better option by allowing the width or height of the existing doorway to be maintained rather than reduced in whatever way would be required to suit a standard door size.
Our full range of doors made to measure can be to the sizes required for your home or project and have a 2 year guarantee if fitted by one of our professionals fitters trained in Germany.  We can supply sliding gear for bespoke doors set in any finish as Oak, maple, beech, walnut, cherry wood and mahogany doors to name but a few timber species. This Made to Measure doors give a truly outstanding look to your home.
All Made to Measure doors are available with a soft-closer and handles which can be round or square etc. These doors do not need any sort of maintenance thus making them extremely desirable because once they are installed; there is nothing else for you to do instead of just opening or closing them.
There is no denying the fact that the most attractive factor about our Made to Measure doors is that the existing width and height of your doorway can be maintained and there is no need for going through the extra hassle to fit a custom sized door by tweaking from different angles in order to fit that door. No need to reduce or enhance the height and pay those extra pounds which you can save for various other purposes.
Our full range of Made to Measure doors can be manufactured in your required size with ease and if you choose them to be installed by one of our professional trainers from Germany then you’ll get a two-year warranty. While thinking of bespoke doors and their sliding gear, we are here with the best variety coming in all sorts of materials including oak, maple, beech, walnut, cherry wood, and mahogany. Give your house the most outstanding look with one of our doors and flaunt about the door having a perfect fitting.

Why not check out our made to measure door sets and made to measure double doors categories!!!

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