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Here at Doors4UK, we can offer a wide range of wooden doors with glass panels for effective interior design, offering a selection of options to suit any styles. We have unique models which can improve your lifestyle in amazing ways, with things like tempered doors with top panels, skylights, side glass panels and double doors either closed or glazed currently available. 

The level of choice has grown to imperious heights, which means we can offer tailored solutions for glass panels that can elevate your décor with more contemporary styling for a long and prosperous finish. All we need is a rough idea of what you are looking for so our team can begin work on crafting the most appropriate models to suit your specific needs. 

Wooden Doors with Glass Panels
internal white doors with glass
Glass Panel Interior Door
glass panel interior door
Wooden Doors with Side Panel
half glazed internal doors

Our Options for Doors with Glass Panels

We have a growing number of options for doors with glass panels, whether you are looking for single, double or sliding designs. Anything you select can be made with safety glass or wood, depending on the tone and style you would like to have installed. It’s worth noting that only designs which are manufactured with glass can come with side panels. 

wood door with glass
White Wood Door with Glass
Door set contains:
White laminate sliding door, frosted glass side panel, TVIN 2.0 sliding system, U-profiles for the side panel, bottom guide and bar handles


internal french doors with side panels
Walnut Internal French Doors with Side Panels
Door set contains:
Walnut veneer sliding door with bespoke design, frosted glass side and top panel, Edition Basic sliding system, fixing spiders for the side panel, bottom guide and bar handles


glass panel interior door
Lista Due Glass Panel Interior Door
Door set contains:
Lista Due glass sliding door, frosted glass side and top panel, Edition Style sliding system, fixing spiders for side panels, bottom guide and bar handles

*Price excl. VAT and transport and are for a complete door set that can be accommodated on a clear wall opening with dimensions up to 2000mm in width and 2100mm in height
**Price excl. VAT and transport and are for a complete door set that can be accommodated on a clear wall opening with dimensions up to 2000mm in width and 2500mm in height
***Price excl. VAT and transport and are for a complete door set that can be accommodated on a clear wall opening with dimensions up to 3000mm in width and 2500mm in height

Our team will take you through five key steps when choosing doors with glass panels, which starts with the process of buying German materials to ensure you are getting an quality-driven level of customer-service. The doors with glass panels on offer will be bespoke and manufactured to suit any of your personal preferences to ensure this matches with the current appeal of your personal space. 

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The popularity of doors with glass panels is growing every single year. One of the prime reasons would be the light they can extract and spread around rooms. Internal French doors in particular do a great job of maximising this effect with the dispersion of light, with particular efficiency in play when they are formed from wooden sliding doors with glass side panels. 

Adding wood doors with glass panels will enhance the mood around certain spaces and help encourage a more positive atmosphere. You will also be able to save lots of money on energy bills since the extraction of natural light means you wont need to rely on powered appliances quite as often to keep your home suitably lit. 

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How does a Glass Panel Interior Door Work?  

Side and top panels are basically windows which are placed in and around a glass panel interior door. If you have a hallway with high ceilings, then you can extract more light with the use of top lights, giving you extra vibrancy across rooms. You will often find that a glass panel interior door will be able to accomplish this whilst also giving you desired privacy when made with wood. 

You can also look into sidelights for darker hallways, which can also help the glass panel interior door spread vibrancy more effectively. A glass panel interior door can be placed on either side of a room, giving you more choice about where you prefer light to be mostly prominent. Any panels can be clear or frosted, which again helps to install more privacy where necessary. 

interior sliding glass door

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