Glass Panels as Sidelights and Toplights for Wood and Glass Doors

Interior Design Ideas – Wood Doors with Glass Panels

Doors4UK offers wood doors with glass panels for individual interior design ideas with many alternatives. Discover unique solutions for a new lifestyle through tempered doors with top panels, skylights, side glass panels or double doors – closed or glazed. The choice is yours! Glass panel interior door is one of the amazing features that can be found within internal design ideas.


Wooden Doors with Glass Panels
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Find below some of the options available for single doors, double doors, bespoke doors, sliding doors with side panels and/or top panels. All options can be available with safety glass or wood doors. We cannot have side panels as wood, it must be as glass option. Doors4UK provides a complete service that is made of five steps to take you through the entire process of buying German glass and wood doors with sidelight and toplights and make the process very easy and enjoyable. Our doors are custom-design and manufactured to fit your personal style and to highlight the artistic appeal of your personal space.

Glass Panel Interior Door

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Side and top panels are windows placed next to, above or all around the door, as a door and side panel set. A top light should be used if you have a hall way with high ceilings. This will let extra light into the room, especially when you choose solid doors that do not allow any light in the room. At the same time, interior French doors with side panels provide you with both a bright room and the desired privacy when choosing wood door glass.
A side light is suitable for darker hall ways, for both wood and glass doors. Internal French doors with side panels can be placed on either side of the room, which allows more natural light to enter the area. Also, the glass used for the side and top panels can be clear or frosted, depending on the level of privacy you require for you rooms. In this way, glass panels for internal doors still make use of natural light, which will be entirely distributed.

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