Find your extra wide and tall internal glazed doors in London​

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It’s time to think differently about your new doors! This will change the look of your home.

If you desire a stylish house, the best and easy way to obtain it is to change your old and traditional internal glazed doors. Higher standards and designs of your interior glazed doors bring with them expressivity, but the most important thing is the protection that a door can offer, as a fire rated door.
When you have high ceiling rooms to decorate, the stylish solution that you can opt for your refurbishment is tall doors. The way that these doors fit within the décor of your room makes all the hard work worthy and with the new range of glazed fire rated FD30 minutes up to 1000mm wide and 2400mm height internal doors, you won’t have just a pleasant home, but a secure one.

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 The Best Quality extra wide and tall glass doors in London​​

The finish of a tall glazed door is very important, due to the fact that is an object in your house that will always be an eye-catching. If you have a rustic design in your property is better to choose real wood veneer for the finish of the doors as Dark Walnut and Oak, however, when is a minimalist design will always embraces white painted doors and for a modern look, the tall doors that will blend perfect in the décor are glazed doors with different glass patterns.
Real wood veneer finishes that you can choose for your tall glazed doors are: Oak, easy to maintain and a perfect match for light timber furniture, Dark Walnut if you want to have contrast in your house, Mahogany with its red timber will define the style of your rooms and many more finishes that can blend perfect with other different styles. White painted glazed doors will always make the difference. The easy thing with these doors is the fact that you have a wide range of glass pattern to choose from. Tall doors painted in white that advantages your rooms’ décor are the highlight that will define the place and adding glazing will create a stylish interior design that you always be pride of.

Bespoke extra wide and tall interior glazed doors in London​

For modern houses with open and bright spaces, the best option, that will allow you to enjoy the day light, is tall and wide glazed doors, either sliding or hinged. Tall glazed doors blend perfectly in a room with a contemporary design or an office that needs style and open spaces. You can choose numerous designs and patterns for your tall glazed door, due to that fact that this industry is in a continuous growing and always in trend and that will make your door one of a kind.
Either option that you will choose for your property, with a tall door you will never be out of trend and if your door is fire rated your family will have the security that deserves. High ceilings rooms deserve tall glazed doors!

Extra wide and tall internal glass doors in London​​

Doors4UK can manufacture made to measure doors as:
• Fire rated for 30 or 60 minutes
• Double hinged doors
• Single sliding door on wall
• Pocket single sliding door
• Double sliding doors on wall
• Pocket double sliding doors
• Single sliding door with glass side and/or glass top panel
• Double sliding door with glass side and/or glass top panels


Bespoke White wooden glazed doors . Other finished of glazed doors as Oak and Walnut available

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At Doors4UK the chances to find your amazing wooden glazed doors uk are definitely 100%. Therefore make an appointment with our Door Consultant at 01923 800 111.

Interior Doors with Glazing Connect Residential Environments. The glazed interior doors bring light that affect your wellbeing.

Even the front door can have glazing called oak front glazed door with or without side panels, if you are tending to the flowering dialect, can be labelled as the entrance into the soul of a house. It is a bit more practical when viewed as a business card of the house. For those who like it less verbose and metaphorical, a front door is simply a front secure door. No one, however, will doubt the importance of this door. For interior doors with or without glazing it looks a little different. Nevertheless, they have a very special meaning. Doors4UK offers white and oak glazed interior doors that are practical, attractive and reasonable.

Each room has its face – each room require its own interior glazed door. Find Out More About shaker glazed doors 3 panels on our range of glazing doors


The fact that the kitchen and bathroom are different from each other is a matter of course. Both can have glazing cut out, however the bathroom door will have a frosted or opaque glazing so privacy is a must for this inner door. Whereby the kitchen doors the glazed area can be any type (see our range of interior glazed doors types) due to the fact that privacy is nonexistent and more and more people are looking to open up the space for more light throughout the ground floor house. For other ground floor rooms, the differences are partly finer. Living can have a similar "face" as kitchen doors, I would more incline to get even more modem as glass doors, but they usually differ in color and style from each other. White Glazed Interior doors as well as Oak finish with glazing provide for a separation, where it makes sense, because through it the entering of a new room becomes a feeling of change. The mood, the atmosphere, the whole feeling can change completely if one goes from one room to another. Interior doors help to feel these differences.

Now more than ever the technology behind door building provides advantages that is has not in the past. From real wood finishes to higher levels of sound proofing and other benefits that you might not otherwise find in older doors, a modern-day interior door can be matched to whatever requires you might have ñ including budget plan. To help you find the very best interior doors for your needs, here are a few of the most striking benefits you will discover when investigating and choosing a brand-new interior door for your house.

Doors 4 UK provides Complete Options for interior designes, self-builders and property developers.

A wood glazed door is a pricey alternative for many house owners, frequently outside your reach, specifically if you require several interior glass or glazed doors replaced in your house. To make sure doors are of high quality but still cost effective, a composite material is used in most interior doors and frames. With the surface applieed for both door and frame this provides a real wood appearance and feel but keeps the door within your budget. At the very same time, the last surface and paneling on these doors can be matched to numerous designs of wood depending on what you desire for your home.

Sturdiness of Your Doors - Quality Doors produce In Germany

Modern interior doors with glazing are more resilient than before, offering the strength of a composite that can stand up to kicks from children, repeated slams, and whatever else your household and family pets can throw their way. Resilience is a major problem for many individuals who selecting brand-new interior doors. Contractor doors are more economical, but they do not pass the "can I kick it" test that other greater quality interior glazed doors or interior glass doors can, which is why numerous people contact us about our doors.

Tempered Glass Options – All our wooden glazed doors and glass doors comes with toughened glass

Tempered glass utilized to be an alternative mostly for exterior doors, however there are plenty of interior choices nowadays that provide tempered glass as a material choice. If you have an interest in having window panes, frosted glass surface, or glass accents for your interior doors, whether basic door or french door or room dividers, there are plenty of choices to pick from on the market these days. The bottom line is that modern-day interior glazed wooden doors are a remarkable option for anyone thinking about getting more from their design without necessarily spending more. Contact the specialists of Doors 4 UK today if you want to discover more about how we can help you pick a door that will do this for you.

Three Most Common Questions We Get About Interior Wooden Glass Doors for New Homes

We get a lot of questions about interior doors with or without glass and the best ways to choose and match the best kind of interior door to the ideal kind of house. Whether someone is buying a brand-new house and wishes to replace the cheap contractor doors in it or they have actually been residing in the very same house for years and wish to update a few of its hardware and components, these are questions we get that represent the common challenges behind buying new glass or glazing doors.

Can I Replace Just a Few Glazing Wooden Doors At a Time?

Due to the fact that of budget plan lots of people are interested only in changing a little number of wooden doors at a time. Possibly there is one broken door in your home or maybe they wish to do one floor at a time. Either method, the cost of doing just a handful is a lot less than every door in the house. They worry that the very same model may not be available in the future if they replace the doors now and then wait 5 years to do the next batch. While this is a very genuine possibility, there are a number of alternatives on the market and it will be possible to match the design and style feel of the doors you pick in the future, even if you can not find the specific doors that you initially set up for your home.

How Long Will the New Doors Last? Quality German Doors and Door Sets Last Longer than Standard Doors

Modern interior doors with glass are developed to last. These doors are made of composite materials and toughened glass that can endure impact, heavy usage, and humidity in your house, ensuring that they last for years if you so desire. Less expensive glazing doors may require painting and to be changed more frequently, and there is constantly the hardware which might need to be upgraded in 10 years or two, however the door with glazing itself must belong of your house for the rest of the time you live there.

What are the Difference Between Modern and Traditional Design? Doors 4 UK can do both modern and traditional with glazing. If you cannot find a model that you need just contact us.

This is a typical question if just because we carry a large series of both contemporary and conventional individuals and doors are not sure which is finest for them. The quality of both types of doors is the same since they are all crafted in Germany where some of them comes as solid core or massive doors but with the same high quality methods when the glazing is fitted, however the door designs and formats are various. Where standard doors choose a more elaborate feel and look evocative of another time and place, modern doors are smooth and structured, typically flat and meant to blend with the decoration of your home, if painted with the same finish as the wall, the integration of wall with the door will be complete.

Whatever kinds of doors with or without glazing you want for your home, make certain to select a design that fits your needs and the visual you are opting for. Doors 4 UK can assist you do simply that.


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Extra wide and tall internal Glazed Doors

Veneer Doors

As we use only natural woods with their unique nature-related differences and peculiarities, please be aware that each door will have its own ‘fingerprint’ of nature. Colour variations between the samples and final door products are a given. At HGM, our veneers are all environment-friendly products from sustainability managed forests.
Lamiante Doors

A modern internal door does more than dividing or connecting rooms. It has become an essential part of the furnishing. ASTRA laminated doors, with their diverse CPL surface designs, can be universally installed and meet all demands.
Painted Doors

Every individual layer is manually managed for the highest quality on doors and edgings – both being painted in the same run. This clearly sets us apart from the market.

Why Choose Us

Internal Veneer Doors

Complete Service From Survey to Installation

Doors4UK provides a complete service that is made of five steps to take you through the entire process of buying German Door Sets and make the process very easy and enjoyable. Our doors are custom design and manufactured to fit your personal style to highlight the artistic appeal of your personal space.

Fitting Veneer Doors

We Care About Your Project

Doors4UK offers 2 Years Workmanship Warranty for any products that are fitted by us. This is because the company is dedicated to building lasting relationships. At Doors4UK we understand that no business can stand for long without having fully satisfied customers.
Transport Internal Doors

Competitive Transport Cost

Doors4UK has chosen to work with transport companies based on reputation, so we can ensure that we can get a reputable and reliable transport service and the economic cost, no matter how large or small you order. Most of our products are shipped by pallet due to the size and weight of wooden and glass doors. The carriage charge depends of the size of the order, goods ordered, and delivery addres
Doors4UK is able to manufacture extra wide door up to 1235mm and the height of 2485mm is definitely a nice and expensive feature. More than that even wider doors( up to 2400mm) can be manufactured from two door leafs connected on site. Therefore for those dimensions the scale of the house is important as extra wide and tall doors would look silly in small apartment.
Quality German Internal Doors

German Quality Doors and Door Sets

An increasing number of people are turning away from plain ready to paint, unvarnished or inexpensive wood imitations internal doors from the DIY stores. Real wood and laminate (man-made veneer) doors is the new trend of made to measure doors and frame/lining of high quality veneer which are making their entrance to UK modern apartments and houses.