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If you are looking for a tall door but don’t want to be restricted by standard UK door sizes, then we can supply a range of bespoke models upon request. Right now, we can offer designs which can be manufactured on both heights of 1981mm and 2040mm, giving you a wide range in which to work with when deciding which tall door would be most appropriate for the layout of your home. 

In terms of the width options currently available, we can make your tall door as wide a 1209mm, but we can also supply models which are considered the standard door sizes of 686mm, 762mm, 838mm, 726mm, 826mm and 926mm. Any tall doors offered by our team will be supplied by our factory in Germany, so lead times can take around 6-10 weeks after the initial order has been placed.

Standard door sizes can be manufactured on request, on both heights 1981mm and 2040mm. The width of the door can be any size up to 1209mm, but the most popular door sizes are686mm, 762mm, 838mm, 726mm, 826mm, 926mm. As all our doors are manufactured in Germany and we do not hold any stock, the lead time for doors is 6-10 weeks since the order is placed. 


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Available with Widths up to 1209mm and Heights up to 3000mm


Why Choose Custom Designs over Standard Door Sizes?

With the capacity to manufacture a door according to very specific measurements, you can be sure that calling upon UK standard door sizes is never something that can hold back your décor. Right this very moment, we can manufacture an extra-wide door up to 1209mm, with a maximum height of 2485mm, offering you a compelling and structurally appropriate tall door for any kind of interior design. 

It’s important to consider whether custom made tall doors are the best option compared to using standard door sizes, especially if you live in a property where space is fairly sparse. Simply take a close look at both the pros and cons for each, and then you should be able to make a more calculated decision about the relevancy of standard door sizes UK in comparison to creating bespoke models that come with a significant height increase.

The quality of tall doors is also a major point of concern for our team, so we make sure the core is made in relation to whether you have a custom model or something which adopts UK standard door sizes. If you go for a tall door, extra care is taken with stability, and we will always look into incorporating extra enforcement if we deem it necessary. 


What About Internal Door Sizes?

When it comes to internal door sizes, we currently have models made from glass that can be manufactured into a variety of forms. Our team will make sure all manner of internal doors sizes are taken into account so that people who need an opening as wide as 1400mm with a height of up to 2500mm can benefit from our range. Should you need extra height or width implemented, then this can be added upon request. 

Choosing clear glass doors is another way to relive yourself of the restrictions that come from common internal door size options. These models can be made much taller and wider with up to 1700mm in width and then 2700mm in height. Any glass doors will also come with the option of either a frameless style or a sliding door set, depending on your preferences. 

Some of the most common buildings to use internal doors would be large institutions such as churches or even substantially sized homes. With a wide selection of effective internal door sizes that can ensure tall models are created, any building with a ceiling can benefit from the grandiose nature of these models, giving you much more style around you interior. 

As the internal door will already come with an abundance of style and purpose, this should be enough to bolster your building, however adding extra features can also help to ensure this really does take sophistication up a notch. Here at Doors4UK, we can supply a wide range of quality finishes, which includes veneer, painted, laminate and glass. 


Bespoke extra-wide doors and tall glazed doors in London

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All workmanship is guaranteed for 2 years for fitted painted door sets


Internal Door Sizes and Prices - Fire Doors - More prices for the door only

Standard Door Size
Wenge standard door
Wenge laminate door only up to 2100mm height
Price starting from £114.00 + VAT and Transport


Tall Door
Wenge tall door
Wenge laminate door only up to 2200mm height
Price starting from £220.00 + VAT and Transport

Extra Tall Door
Extra tall Wenge door
Wenge laminate door only up to 2470mm height
Price starting from £286.00 + VAT and Transport

Further Information About Door Heights


In most cases, the visual appearance of your model is going to be largely dictated by the door heights you have chosen. Simply put, the higher your door sizes UK, the more impressive this is going to look. The number of choices is so broad these days that finding the right door heights for your layout has never been easier, so take a deep dive into the current marketplace, where you will find the right solution to suit your needs.

In order to maximise the effectiveness of brand new doors, you are always more than welcome to call upon our expert team to help decide which doors sizes UK would be the most suitable for your specific technical details so they can then relay a list of subsequent possibilities. Both the doors and frames can be custom made to fit with your measurements, whether that be for glass or wooden models.

Any accessories will also be added in accordance with the colouring you have in place, to ensure the doors can seamlessly blend with your existing aesthetic. So, you can be sure that handles and hinges will be carefully selected for the best finish. We can also manufacture internal doors with any glass panels at 25mm high and 1200mm wide, coming with a European Fire Assessment.

For any fire rated door leaf without architrave, frame or hardware, we can manufacture you something in doors sizes up to 1100mm wide and 2350mm height with glass panels. Furthermore, additional extras like hinges can be included when using Simonswerks Tectus hinges, which are considered the best worldwide.

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An increasing number of people are turning away from plain ready-to-paint, unvarnished or inexpensive wood imitations internal doors from the DIY stores. Real wood and laminate (man-made veneer) doors comprise the new trend of made-to-measure doors and frame/lining, which are making their entrance to UK modern apartments and houses.

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Doors4UK provides a complete service to take you through the entire process of buying German Door Sets. We offer 2 Years Workmanship Warranty for any products that are fitted by us. This is because the company is keen to build long-lasting relationships. At Doors4UK, we understand that no business can stand for long without having fully satisfied customers.


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Doors4UK has chosen to work with transport companies based on reputation, so we can ensure that we can get a reputable and reliable transport service and financial cost, no matter how large or small your order is. Most of our products are shipped by pallet due to the size and weight of the wooden and glass doors. The carriage charge depends of the size of the order, goods ordered, and delivery address.

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Doors4UK is able to manufacture extra wide and tall doors up to 1235mm in width and 2485mm in height. More than that, even wider doors (up to 2400mm) can be manufactured from two door leaves connected on site. Therefore, for those dimensions, the scale of the house is important, as extra wide and tall doors would look silly in a small apartment.