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Colours have a great significance in our lives and for our well-being. Whether we're aware of it or not, they affect our senses more than we think. Why not surround yourself with colour at home? The unique Colour your Life Collection of internal made-to-measure doors by HGM reveals how you can integrate colours into your home successfully without feeling that it is intrusive. Discover this passion for yourself! We associate warmth and comfort with natural earthy colours and tones. They always have a quieting effect. Dark brown tones suggest welcoming feelings while light natural tones, in contrast, feel quite elegant. Combine these with a splash of colour to dazzle your enjoyment of life. Subtle shades of colour between the door leaf and frame blending in with a wooden floor can create a modern atmosphere of well-being. Whether pink ballet shoes or petit-fours pastel tones awaken a sense of relaxation, gentleness and a tender and dreamy but elegant ambience. They bring friendliness into a room. Colours have different effects when combined, either with white or with other colours. Anything is possible! Within the world of colour, richly contrasting black-and-white and its many shades of grey is often used in a modern living environment. They radiate elegance and an awareness of value. Painted bespoke internal doors from Colour your life collection can be made as:
• Fire rated for 30 or 60 minutes
• Double hinged doors
• Single sliding door on wall
• Pocket single sliding door
• Double sliding doors on wall
• Pocket double sliding doors
• Single sliding door with glass side and/or glass top panel
• Double sliding door with glass side and/or glass top panels

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