Lock Types

All our bedroom doors come with a standard BB key lock, bathroom doors use a thumb turn lock professionally fitted by the German factory

We have a wide selection of quality locks which all come factory fitted. With a vast number of luxury designs available, there is certain to be the very model you require for effective levels of security around the inside and outside of your home. Drawing upon German ingenuity, we have both bedroom and bathroom locks which have been specifically manufactured with precision craftsmanship for the most thorough and robust standards found anywhere on the marketplace. 

Being able to remain consistent with the colours and tones you have established around the home is paramount for effective decor, so we have a multitude of lock types which can complement either dark or light environments. At the heart of our door lock range would be magnetic designs, which come with a strike place and non-visible architrave. You can choose from either a BB, PZ or W-C locking system, and the face plate will be matt brushed stainless steel. 

Other options are available at an extra cost:
  • No key hole (no hole drilled into the door)
  • PZ lock with Euro Cylinder used mostly for FD30 doors
  • WC lock with thumb turn and release system for bathrooms doors
No Key Hole
No key lock
Lock for Bedroom Doors
BB Key Hole
Door with key lock
Lock For Bedroom and Office
PZ  Clinder Lock 
Door with security lock
Lock For Garage Doors and Cupboards Doors
Bathroom Lock
Bathroom lock
Thumb Turn and Release Lock
Magnetic Lock
Magnetic lock
Lock for Luxury Doors

       Advantages of a magnetic lock
  • Noiseless
  • Strike plate hidden on the frame, non-visible from the architrave part.
These magnetic locks are available with BB, PZ or WC-lock. The face plate is made of matt brushed stainless steel. This lock is available only for British Style doors


Do You Need a Lock for Bedroom Doors?

Getting some much needed privacy is essential for people who need to unwind after long days at work, so looking for a quality lock for bedroom door is often high on the agenda. Our bedroom door locks all come with a standard BB key lock, giving you a structurally forceful solution that will be fully functional for any years to come, no matter how many times you need to secure your room. 

After we have installed your lock for bedroom door, you will benefit from a two-year guarantee, demonstrating how confident we are that our products are set for a long and prosperous existence within your home. The whole package really is on offer when using our team for bedroom door locks, since we provide a comprehensive service with both surveys and the main implementation of your chosen model. 


A Fantastic Range of Quality Locks for Doors and Door Sets
Complete Service From Survey to Installation
All workmanship is guaranteed for 2 years for fitted products


internal wood doors with magnetic lock
Laminate Door Sets
British Style Door with Magnetic Lock

oak interior doors with magnetic lock
Veneer Door Sets
​British Style Door with Magnetic Lock

white interior doors with magnetic lock
Painted Door Sets
​British Style Door with Magnetic Lock

We Also Supply Bathroom Locks

Furthermore, you may also require bathroom locks to be installed, since this room above all else is a prime location where privacy is always needed. We currently have bathroom locks that come with a thumb turn lock, which will have been professionally fitted by our German factory. Once again, we will make sure that the bathroom locks you select are best suited to the overall tone this particular room is trying to emit. 

Should you have any cupboards within your bathroom or any other part of your home that needs to be kept secure, you could also look into the PZ Clinder locks we have available. This is a great way to ensure important files or personal items are never accessible to other people, allowing you to create an effective method of keeping children away from things they shouldn’t be handling. 



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