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Starting price for Non-FD30 door leaf: £104.00*
Starting price for FD30 door leaf: £143.00*
Starting price for Non-FD30 door set: £268.00*
Starting price for FD30 door set: £322.00*

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*Prices excl. VAT and transport and are for custom made door sizes up to W924mm x H2040mm x T40mm and wall thickness up to 100mm
For taller doors, please use the price calculator below

Dark Oak doors have a timber structure with a man-made surface that recreates the natural feel of real wood - from colour to texture. These internal doors allow continuity of shade and finish on laminated doors with great effect. This impression of real wood has been made possible by highly sophisticated reproduction technology, which recreates timber texture, grain and colour.
The highlight of the Dark Oak laminated finishes are the doors with metal inlays. These modern and special doors are eye-caching and, with the magical touch of the renewed oak design, you can match your furniture style with your internal doors. The oak accents from the past few years have inspired a new colour range to include Dark Oak upright and Pine Grey crosswise.

Dark oak doors are very elegant and special, so they can create a unique effect to your room, especially if they are chosen for very bright and luminous rooms that need an element to absorb some of the light. Moreover, laminate dark wood doors come with plenty of benefits for the owners, given their surface that is easy to clean and maintain, and it is also resistant to scratches. Thus, your laminate internal oak door will remain the same for many years.
Also, these laminate doors with an oak finish can perfectly imitate the solid wood internal doors, by providing the same level of opulence to your home. So, the same effect of the solid oak door will be created in your rooms by oak laminate doors. Some of the advantages of these bespoke doors would be the natural appearance of internal solid wood doors and the natural shades that can be easily matched with different interior designs. Apart from these aspects, laminate doors made to measure are more likely to keep their initial shade of colour over time.

When decorating/refurbishing high-ceiling rooms, a stylish solution option is to use tall and wide doors. The finish of a wide and tall door is very important, due to the fact that it becomes a feature in your house that will always be eye-catching. With the new range of Dark Oak laminated doors manufactured in widths of up to 1200mm and heights of up to 2472mm, it is easy to match your internal doors with the decor of the rooms.

Dark Oak laminated interior bespoke doors can be made as:
Fire rated for 30 or 60 minutes
Double hinged doors
Single sliding door on the wall
Pocket single sliding door
Double sliding doors on the wall
Pocket double sliding doors
Single sliding door with glass side and/or glass top panel
Double sliding door with glass side and/or glass top panels

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Standard Features

  1. Easy to clean, chemical resistance door surface
  2. Fingerprint resistant door surface
  3. Heat resistant doors
  4. Scratch resistance door surface
  5. Stain resistance door surface
  6. Light Fastness door surface
  7. Water resistance doors

Optional Features

  1. burglary protection doors
  2. Thermal internal doors
  3. Fire Protection Doors
  4. Water proof doors
  5. Radiation protection doors
  6. Smoke Protection Doors
  7. Soundproof door set

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Bespoke door designs for sliding doors
Wooden single sliding door with one top and one side panel Wooden single sliding door with top and side panels Wooden double sliding doors with side and top panels Bespoke door design for standard hinged door Double wood doors Double door with one side panel Double doors with double side panels Single door with top panel Single door with side pane Single door with double side panels 

Double doors with top glass panel Double door with side and top panel Double doors with top and sides glass panels single door with top glass panel  single door with top and side panel single door with sides and top glass panels
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