Aluminium Frame for Wooden Door

Metal Door Frames​

As specialists in interior doors, our engineers have developed a sustainable overall solution for the well thought-out integration of interior doors. For this, technical perfection with the claim to lifelong function forms the basis across all stages of planning right through to the finished product. Whether builders, craftsmen or architects, anyone who loves the timeless and formal design is thrilled. The most demanding request is our benchmark for the longevity of our products.

Benefits of Aluminium Frames

Aluminium as material
The aluminum material used in the construction and furniture industry has proved to be durable and robust in terms of surface quality in windows, facades, and furnishing, thus ensuring extremely long-lasting, sustainable use thanks to virtually unlimited recyclability
The manufacture process
Unsurpassed stability due to the construction process with minimal use of materials
The technical concept is based on the traditional timber frame construction
Dimensional flexibility to compensate for customary tolerances of - 5 mm to + 20 mm in the wall thickness
The surface refinement
High-quality stainless steel surface thanks to an accurate grinding pattern
The finest anodized aluminum ALUMIN F1
Impact-resistant powder coating in White RAL9010 Satin 

Aluminium Frame Finishes

metal door frame
Aluminium F1 Finish

metal framed internal doors
Stainless Steel Finish

aluminium frame
White RAL9010 Finish
Follow a clear concept for your interior design. Aluminium F1 finish combines skillful restraint with a focus on the essentials. Quiet surface, good proportions, high functionality and a perfectly coordinated range of accessories - this is the toolkit for furnishing purists who know what they want.
If you are looking for something special, you have to dare something special. Design your interior with first-class materials that speak their own language. The surface of  Stainless Steel has a special effect due to its unique microsection. The frame becomes a picture frame, which effectively encloses the door.
Let your quality standards for aesthetics and functionality run wild. White RAL9010 finish will live up to your expectations. The subtle shimmer, the pleasant white and the even surface speak for themselves. The extremely impact-resistant coating finish is achieved by a high-quality powder coating and withstands even heavy demands in the edge area.

Types of Aluminium Frames

British Style Aluminium Frames

British style door with adustable aluminium frame
British Style aluminium frames with architraves
British style door with aluminium block frame 
British Style aluminium block frame

European Style Aluminium Frames

European style door with adustable aluminium frame
European Style aluminium frames with architraves
European style door with aluminium block frame 
European Style aluminium block frame
Adjustable aluminium frames with architraves are suitable for European and British style doors and can be installed in openings that require the covering of an old wall. These type of frames have adjustments between -5mm and +15mm and come equipped with rubber seals that help with draught exclusion and a smoother door closing. Adjustable aluminium frames can accommodate wooden doors with 40mm thickness with an average length of the architrave of 40mm on the hinges side and 53mm on the other side of the wall. 
The aluminium block frames can accommodate European or British style wooden doors without covering the wall as they are not supplied with architraves. These block frames give the possibility of having the wall finished in any way that the customer wants, with tyles, plasterboard or even wallpaper. The aluminium block frames come equipped with a rubber seal that helps with soundproofing and draught exclusion. These frames can be installed on any type of walls with different thicknesses without compromising how the door is closed or opened. 

Architrave Designs for Adjustable Aluminium Frames

Round Edge Aluminium Frame
Round edge aluminium frame
Square Edge Aluminium Frame
Square edge aluminium frame
Our aluminium frames with architraves can be supplied with a round or a square edge. This doesn't affect the insulation properties of the frames or the way that the doors are accommodated. For both designs, the architrave sizes are 40mm on the side of the hinges and 53mm on the other side of the wall. These frame designs were created by our aluminium frame factory to smooth the visual transaction between the wooden frames already fitted in the property and the aluminium ones, so that everything blends together in a modern interior design.

Bespoke Aluminium Frames for Different Types of Doors
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Aluminium Frames for Doors with Different Functionalities

Hinged Internal Doors with Aluminium Frames
aluminium frame section for hinged doors
Our aluminium frames can be used to install prehung wooden doors with different type of hardware. These frames have the following characteristics:
- Accurate sizes to fit the existing wall opening
- Discreet and narrow coverings 
- Elegant appearance
- No visible screws
- The possibility of hidden hinges or visible ones
- Aesthetic precision and high-end functionality

Wet Room Doors with Aluminium Frames
wet room doors with aluminium frame
Aluminium frames are suitable for moisture and waterproof wooden doors with the following characteristics:
- Over 20 years lifetime in a wet environment
- No peeling or damage due to the water
- Maintenance free
- Hardware that resists in a wet environment
- Suitable for saunas, swimming pools, and wet rooms
- Different finishes that match the room design
Sliding Internal Doors with Metal Door Frames
sliding internal doors with metal door frames
Bring a contemporary look to your sliding wood doors with aluminium frames. These frames are characterized by:
- The frame and sliding door system are made of the same material
- Highest quality and absolute smoothness
- Different finishes that can match the sliding system's finish
Pocket Doors with Aluminium Door Frames
pocket door with aluminium door frame
Create seamless transitions with in-wall (pocket) wooden doors. Bring modern designs in your rooms by using aluminium frames for your pocket doors with the following characteristics:
- No gaps between the door and the frames
- Smooth closing mechanism