~ Luxury Tall Doors ~ 

When you decide to make a purchase of tall internal doors, you should initially look at the advantages and disadvantages that these doors have. It is very important that the core of the door is made accordingly with the door size, as for standard British doors even the hollow core works, but when it comes to taller and extra wider doors, some additional specifications are needed for the door to have the stability required.

~ Tall White Doors~ 

tall internal doors
Tall Internal Doors
The rooms with high ceilings deserve tall internal doors that make the most grandiose feature of a building. For this reason, having a sophisticated design on your tall and wide door is not essential in terms of how noticeable the door is, as the internal door height is impressive enough. However, this should not hinder you from adding special decoration to your doors. Therefore, adding large glass inside tall doors can create the most special and modern white glazed interior doors.

The visual appearance of a door can be influenced in many ways, for example by the height. The higher the door, the more impressive the appearance. The world of doors is huge. Give your rooms a facelift with internal doors in special heights with generous sizes and extraordinary details. Especially when renovating, the height of the door is an important topic of the interior design. To realize the fitting of special door heights, structural circumstances must be considered. Our door specialists will inform you of all possibilities and technical details.
white glazed interior doors
White Glazed Interior Doors


~ Custom Size Veneer Doors ~ 

custom size doors
Custom Size Doors

Every homeowner dreams of having one-of-a-kind door which will fit perfectly in his room. To achieve the fulfillment of getting the house of your dreams, custom size doors are a good start. Custom made internal doors are found to add piece and calm to the home interior decoration. In order to manufacture these luxury doors innovation and creativity are requested. Among other characteristics that custom size doors have are their availability in different sizes, shapes and with different features so that customers can select a perfect one.

To be able to fit the door perfectly into the wall openings, the customer must have clear information on the dimensions of the requested door. Doors4UK offers the possibility of having our trained engineers on site to take the exact measurements and advice on the technical side of the project and also, they will assume the responsibility that the door will be manufactured according to our customer’s desire.

custom made internal doors
Custom Made Internal Doors

~ Pivot Doors ~ 

pivot doors uk
Pivot Veneer Doors

Any property owners want to have the trendiest items and installations in their homes. A standout amongst stylish objects to have in a house is a beautiful pivot door. These contemporary doors can work with any style of the house due to the fact that the door design and finish can be chosen from a wide range, starting with classic doors and ending with the newest door designs. A plus that these pivot swing doors have is that the pivot mechanism can be adjusted so the door will open as wide as the customer desire. 

Pivot doors can be installed in any type of property, residential or commercial. They can be used as living room doors that can open widely so your guests feel comfortable and welcome when walking into your house. It also allows a bigger entrance for comfortable walking space in and out of the room. If you have a large a corridor and you want to separate the space then you can do so with one of these doors. The adjustability of the door allows you to neatly and boldly separate the space.

pivot swing door
Pivot Swing Door

~ Catalogues ~ 

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Luxury Doors Catalogue

bartel catalogue
Luxury Internal Doors Catalogue