~ Kiel Internal Door Designs ~ 

Kiel internal door designs bring the elegance of the classic concept in any room. As a double hinged door, it points the way to the next room in a particularly inviting way, for example as a passage between the living and dining areas. You can now realize your dreams of a perfect room with the combined styles of classic door design and modern production technology. The manual work is still an irreplaceable guarantee for the high quality of our door models. This is where modern technology and old craft unite in a unique way. In our production workshops, we can varnish all doors in standard and special dimensions, which guarantees a brilliant result. Also, the door edge is varnished in the same pass.

Starting price for Kiel luxury single door set: £818.00 excl. VAT and transport

Arched Panel Detail
Kiel arched panel detail
Square Panel Detail
Kiel square panel detail



~ Additional features ~

To be able to create spaces that radiate lux, the German factory made available additional features for high-end doors. Individual solutions are created and implemented according to old rules of craftsmanship, with attention to detail and absolute quality orientation.  The door makers and refinishers operate outside of series production and thus guarantee the individuality of the end product. Every door that leaves the factory has been specially designed for its receiver, and design and functionality have been developed for it.

TECTUS Hidden Hinges

TECTUS Hidden Hinges
Hidden or concealed hinges make it possible to achieve uninterrupted flush-faced surfaces on the hinged side of the door, bringing a visual, harmonious flow to the interior. The complete concealed TECTUS hinge system for British Style interior doors is the latest innovation in hinge technology on the market. 
Techical details
  • Load capacity: 80,0 Kg
  • Overall lenght: 160,0 mm
  • Width (door): 28,0 mm 
  • Width (frame): 28,0 mm
  • Cutter Ø 24,0 mm
  • Opening angle: 180° degree

Magnetic Lock
These magnetic locks are available for different rosette types as BB, PZ or WC. The faceplate is matte brushed but it can be customized with different types of surfaces and finishes. This magnetic lock is suitable only for flush doors known as British style doors. 

Advantages of a magnetic lock
  • Noiseless
  • The strike plate is hidden on the frame, non-visible from the architrave part

Magnetic lock

~ Architrave Designs ~

Matching architrave to the individual door designs with groves or profiled versions is obvious when the final products are high-end doors. The frames that made possible these pre-hung door and frame sets are delivered assembled from the factory. The frame is lacquered only after assembly and therefore has perfect miters without visible joints. This high-end frame comes equipped with a rubber gasket that has the same finish as the door and which helps to close the door noiselessly or could be considered as a soundproof feature.

Square Form Architrave
Basic square architrave 60mm
Standard Size 70mm

Round Form Architrave
Round edge architrave 60mm
Standard Size 60mm

1-Groove Architrave
1 groove architrave 70mm
Standard Size 70mm

2-Groove Architrave
2 grooves architrave 70mm
Standard Size 70mm
Classic Architrave
Classic Line architrave 88mm
Standard Size 88mm
Soft Line Architrave
Softline architrave 70mm
Standard Size 70mm
Profile B Architrave
White Profile B architrave 70mm.
Standard Size 70mm
Smart Architrave
Smart edge architrave
Standard Size 80mm

~ Glazing and Panel Types ~

Glazed doors connect and disconnect rooms at the same time. These high-end doors create the ideal combination of living and well-being because they allow the natural light in the rooms and make living space a new experience. In addition to the room design, a prerequisite for the optimal use of light is above all the use of doors with glass inserts. With modern internal doors with glass, you confess to a pleasurable and individual living, through the noble combination between white and the unbeatable timeless design.
The type of glazing cut-out and the fitted glass panel is at the chooser desire. Wherever discretion is desired, doors can be fitted with frosted glass - for example, in the bedroom, in the bathroom or in the dressing room. One thing is certain: With high-quality internal doors, you can choose something special - a new sense of brightness and openness that puts the generosity of interior design in the right light.

Kiel glazing and panel

~ Painted Finishes ~

The colours of the walls and doors determine the atmosphere in a house. By choosing the RAL tones for high quality internal doors, it is also possible to match the wall colours exactly. In this way, you can achieve a uniform colour effect. It is nothing worse in interior design than incompatible shades. For this reason, all elements of the door leaf, the frame, and the edges are painted in the same colour. This technique of perfect painting has always been part of our equipment and preserves the craftsmanship of our pre-hung internal doors. We take pride in that!

White painted RAL 9016
White Painted RAL9016 Sample

White painted RAL 9010
White Painted RAL9010 Sample

Champagne painted
Champagne Painted Sample

Vision painted
Vision Painted Sample

Chalk painted
Chalk Painted Sample

Salt painted
Salt Painted Sample

Softlight painted
Softlight Painted Sample

Stone painted
Stone Painted Sample

Ash White RAL 9010 sample
Ash White Veneer Sample

Beech real wood veneer sample
Beech Veneer Sample

Oak real wood veneer sample
Oak Veneer Sample


~ Catalogues ~

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