Bespoke Opaque Glass Door made from toughened glass. Discover more about Opaque Glass and Glass Design

Starting price for glass door with hardware for existing frame: £631.00*
Starting price for 
glass door set, including frame and hardware: £839.00*
Starting price for 
sliding single door with the sliding system and handle: £1,013.00*
Starting price for 
a pocket single door with the sliding system and handle £813.00*
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*Prices excl. VAT and transport and are for custom made door sizes up to W1000mm x H21000mm x T8mm and wall thickness up to 100mm
For taller doors, please use the price calculator below

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Refined quality and impeccable production of materials are the bedrock behind our collection of opaque glass interior doors. This construct offers a transparent, elegant and timeless design, so perfect for the modern homeowner. The frosted glass door range we have along with their opaque glass finish is made from toughened safety solutions starting from 8mm in thickness, and bespoke models can also be made as per specific requirements. 

Currently available are designs with one side frosted, and others where two glass panels have been made with oil between laminated glass. Whether you want these frosted glass doors for the home or office, they can help you establish the perfect, private space to either work or unwind, opening up waves of light without compromising your solitude.  
A door with frosted glass can be used for a variety of rooms around the home whether that be the kitchen, bathroom or bedrooms. Installing doors with frosted glass is the perfect way to incorporate further elegance, modernisation and uniqueness into the home. 

Having bathroom doors are especially beneficial when made to be glass opaque, as there’s likely to be high levels of humidity present. Given their natural resistance to water, glass doors for bathroom spaces have always been a simple yet effective installation to get in place. Such doors can be made-to-measure in sizes up to (w) 1600 x (h) 2500mm. 

Quality Opaque Glass Designs 

You can add even more character into the home with a frosted glass door, offering a translucent finish along with compelling designs etched into the surface. Light will be extracted seamlessly without relinquishing your desired privacy. This makes for a perfect solution for closet doors or bathrooms, but in actuality, a frosted glass door can be used anywhere around the home. 

The ample choices available also means the right frosted glass door will be available for a wide range of interior design preferences. You can also get these doors modified for a more traditional finish, and that’s because we can provide them with wooden frames, offering the perfect solution to classically inclined buildings. 

Frosted glass doors are created through sandblasting or acid etching across a clear sheet of glass. The sandblasting process will mean abrasive is blasted directly at the glass, giving it that quality translucent finish. A variety of shades can be formed with adjustments made to the angle and speed of the process. Stencils can then be used to create an imprint into the main glass surface. These could be patterns, borders, letterings or even bespoke drawings. 

This process also makes them a suitable choice for companies who want a professional appearance. Being able to etch into frosted glass doors means logos, names and branding can be engraved into doors, giving off a strong first impression when clients visit your building. Another advantage would be how they never shatter should they break. 

More About Sandblasting For Frosted Glass Doors 

Sandblasting is a common technique used for these doors, and their construct comes about through spraying sand at high velocities over the main glass surface. This will provide the translucent finish, where one side is usually rougher than the other which will have been etched. The areas which need to remain clear will be masked for protection.

You can also have doors made through sand carving, which again requires blasting away the glass, but for much longer periods to get further layers of depth. Thicker pieces of glass will be needed, and the depths will be made through cutting away more of the resistance each time. It can be a long winded process but essential for a three-dimensional appearance. 

Images which are supplied in vector formats can be cut directly using a computer aided tool. Otherwise, the image within the computer will need to change to match the appropriate vector lines so that the cutter can follow correctly.

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