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Designer Internal Doors with different shades of colors are very important to our lives and wellbeing. Consciously or unconsciously, they affect our senses more than we think. The unique Range of designer interior Doors from "Color your Life" door collection of Doors4UK offers 8 color schemes that fit harmoniously into the living environment, without being intrusive. Behind every color there is a story, in which the passion about life and living comes with doors for expression. Discover this passion for yourself with our Designer Doors!

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cream interior doors
White Painted Door with Harmonie Frame and Edge
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black door
White Painted Steel Art Type 101 Door with Graphite Frame
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white interior doors
White Painted Retro Art 135 Door with Champagner Frame
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painted doors
Chestnut Painted Steel Art Type 845 Door and Frame
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Design Internal Doors: Pre-finished Door Collection by Doors4UK

We associate door designer red with love, passion and great emotions, but also with ripe fruits and luxurious velvet. The varieties of red have a stimulating effect and are wonderfully suited for introducing excitement and life into your furnishings. Served up in combination with white and black they produce visual highlight. Deep blue designer door is like the sea, brilliant like the expanse of the sky in summer – blue is the color of freedom and eternity. Infinite and mysterious, it gives wings to your thoughts and dreams. The varied tones used for fully finished designer interior doors can have a cooling effect but can impart friendly cheerfulness, e. g. with fresh azure blue to lavender – always combined with white of course. Green designer frames work perfectly with a white door, which is a very familiar color that meets us in many areas of our life. The countless shades are all derived from nature and have a calming effect without tiring us out. In the living area, green provides tranquillity and balance. Whether with fern, mint, olive or other colors, you have the possibility to bring a touch of nature into your home on a door leaf, edge or frame.

More Finishes For Designer Doors Collection

painted door designs
White Painted Doors with Viva Black Edge and Graphite Frame

white painted doors
White Painted Art Type 841 Door with Brasil Frame 

painted internal doors
White Painted Art Type 135 Door with Graphite Frame

Colours reflect people’s personality, so choosing the colour for your luxury door design can say a great deal of things about you and how they are reflected in your choices. The most popular colours for designer doors are white, blue, black or brown, but people nowadays also choose more eccentric ones such as red, green, purple or yellow for internal door designs.
White is a classic colour for doors and probably the most popular one. People who choose it are more likely to appreciate purity and simplicity in everything. Moreover, white implies cleanliness, so the person may be tidy and organised.
Blue is a cold colour standing for sky, water and abundance. It may imply a flowing personality that people love to spend time with. Also, blue represents imagination, dreams and fluidity, so the person who chooses blue for their doors can be creative and full of ideas.
The brown colour offers an organic and natural touch to your home. This colour can be associated with the soil, symbolising warmth, reliability and stability. Also, choosing brown may mean honesty and doing everything naturally.
Black doors may represent a timeless and classic colour usually associated with a person being consistent and conservative. These characteristics are also reflected in you home if you want your doors to be black.
Red is a very bold colour for a door and it can imply self-confidence and not being afraid to stand out from the crowd. A person choosing this colour might also be passionate and loving.
Green suggests care for your home and community, environmental awareness and usually a person who strongly believes in traditional values. A person who likes green is not afraid to be different and stick to his or her beliefs.
Purple is becoming an increasingly popular colour chosen for doors. This special colour can represent a person being open-minded and eager to take risks. It is an eye-catching choice standing for love, nurturing and compassion.
Yellow is a happy and serene colour and a person choosing this colour for doors is usually friendly and optimistic, which is also transferred to their homes and implied to the visitors. Yellow is also a symbol of clarity, positivity and creativity.

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