~ Dark Wood Doors ~ 

Based on the old rules of craftsmanship, with attention to detail and absolute quality orientation, individual solutions are created and implemented. Every door that leaves the factory has been specially designed for its receiver ensuring the requested functionality.  These unique dark interior doors were created by new ideas using the highest standards of quality and design. Dark wood interior doors radiate the desired harmony in their overall appearance.

~ Dark Wood Doors with Frames ~ 

complete door and frame  
Dark wood doors are manufactured using the noblest and valuable elements which guarantees a constant stability, quality, and a long-lasting product. The complete door and frame set is a statement of the individual workmanship that assures a unique final piece. The exciting contrast between the dark veneer and the shiny brass finish of the hardware fits perfectly into the classic architecture. Besides the hardware that makes a classic transit between the door and the frame, the grooved architrave together with the handcrafted panels makes this complete door set a piece of art which can be easily integrated into any luxurious room design. 

It is something special to discover the tension between the dark wood grain and the handmade panels. The combination of these two beautiful elements makes these double doors an eye-catching in any interior environment. Let yourself be inspired by these noble doors!


~ Accessories ~ 

Brass Hidden Hinges
brass tectus hidden hinges
Brass Door Lock
Brass door lock
To be able to create spaces that radiate lux, the German factory made available additional features for high-end doors. Individual solutions are created and implemented according to old rules of craftsmanship, with attention to detail and absolute quality orientation.  The door makers and refinishers operate outside of series production and thus guarantee the individuality of the end product. 

~ Frameless Dark Wood Doors ~ 

The aluminium frame without visible edge has proven itself in modern design. This solution was developed in order to create the perfect transition between the walls and the doors. The clean look of these doors is due to the fact that no architrave is installed on the walls and they also appear hingeless. All our door designs can be integrated into this system.
The included brackets for the clickable plaster net, the corner connectors and spacer rails ensure easy installation. In order to avoid crazing, the clickable plaster net was developed. The frame is intended for door leaf thicknesses of 45 or 50 mm. After the installation, the system can be covered with plaster. The construction is intended for both normal opening and inverted system doors. The result is impressive!

black internal doors
Black Internal Doors


dark wood veneer sample
Dark Wood Veneer Sample


modern door styles
Modern Door Styles

~ Dark Wood Sliding & Pocket Doors ~ 

Sliding doors are becoming increasingly popular. Just between two representative rooms, such as living room and kitchen, the sliding door is the perfect solution. It creates the separation of the two spaces, but also offers the opportunity to create an open-plan environment. The sliding door rail, for example, can be barely visible hidden in the ceiling or, in sharp contrast, be equipped with very present stainless steel fittings. In addition to that, the opening can be covered with a frame manufactured from the same veneer as the door. Your individual taste determines which system is used. 

oversized internal doors
Wall Partition - Sliding Door on Top of Each Other

large internal doors
Frameless Pocket Door


Sliding Pocket Doors
Double Pocket Door with Frame


~ Catalogues ~ 

Want to see more about our luxury internal doors, have a look at our German catalogues

bartel new catalogue
Luxury Doors Catalogue

bartel catalogue
Luxury Internal Doors Catalogue