What is a European Style door with frame and architrave?

A European Style door has a rebate that is placed on the frame.

The rebated door sets have a lip which overlaps the frame, providing a good seal against a draft. This helps a room to retain its warmth and, in the right conditions, can help reduce energy costs.
European Style hinged door set
Rebated door set
European Style hinged door set
Walnut laminate door set
The frame can be manufacture for a wall thickness from 80mm up to 900mm with the possibility of 10mm adjustment, with a rubber gasket at the top which assists with soundproofing and allows for the smooth closing of the door. The rubber seal comes in the same finish as the frame and architrave for greater overall aesthetics of the door set. The standard price of the frame is based on a frame thickness up to 160mm. For different thicknesses of the wall please contact us.

complete door and frame
Adjustable Frame with Architrave and Rubber Seal

European style door set technical drawing
Technical Drawing

The architrave can specifically be manufactured from 50mm up to 100mm to satisfy any customer needs. The standard price of the architrave is for 60mm width for laminate and real wood veneer finishes and 70mm width for painted finishes. For other sizes, please contact us