What is a British Style door with frame and architrave?


A British Style door is the door that forms one level with the frame.

The frame and architrave for British Style door sets come as finished products from the German factory. They can be supplied in the same finish as the door or in different finishes, depending on customer needs and desires. The frame can be manufacture for a wall thickness from 80mm up to 900mm with the possibility of a 10mm adjustment - with a rubber gasket at the top which assists in sound-proofing and allowing for the smooth closing of the door. The rubber seal matches the finish of the frame and architrave. The standard price of the frame is for a frame thickness up to 160mm. The architrave can be manufactured from 50mm up to 100mm width to satisfy any customer needs. The standard price of the architrave is for 50mm, 60mm or 70mm thickness, depending on the finish. For other dimensions please contact us
British Style hinged door set
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British Style hinged door set
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