What is a TVIN 2.0 sliding door kit? Perfect Sliding System Gear for a Perfect Sliding Door

The sliding door mechanism has a concealed runner mechanism that guarantees quiet running.

One of the most frequently asked questions when working on a self-build is how to best construct sliding doors and protect them, so here are some explanations. Sliding doors can be made of glass, bespoke sizes and thickenss of the glass. It is important that the dimensions for the sliding doors only to take the installation of the top sliding hardware, as sliding doors must be manufactured to the millimeter. If you are currently looking for a sliding door for a new door opening or looking for a replacement sliding door hardware, you can ask yourself the following question:  "Where should I start?" A good idea would be to learn about the various parts of the sliding gear so you can name the specific part you need to replace.
Some of the parts of the sliding hardware will include the wheels and axles acting as a sliding mechanism of the door; Horizontal Clumps hold the wheels and axles and connect it to the sliding wood or glass door; the clamps ensure that the door is precisely alignment with the system so it will work smoothly. And spare parts, including the springs and screws that the sliding door usually required. Other considerations you should consider are the type of sliding door you have (glass, wood, etc.), and if it is from light to medium weight or heavy for wide and taller interior glass and wood doors.
To find the replacement sliding door hardware, the first thing to do would be to contact the store where you bought the original parts. We recommend that you use the installation replacement, so that the consistency of the door mechanisms can be maintained the same brand. Amongst others, some shops offer free spare parts when you buy all the components for the sliding door from them. Also, the warranty in order to see if you take the advantages of free repair and installation of replacement, if the sliding door damaged within one year of installation. Doors4UK offers 2 years workmanship warranty for all fitted products.
Another way to replace the replacement sliding hardware would be to visit the websites of the sliding parts dealers, since doors4uk.co.uk/What-is-a-TVIN-2.0-sliding-system, licht-harmony.de where you can find the best sliding door part and gear systems. The best thing to visit these different sites is that it can give you over the various types present a good idea, along with their corresponding prices. This allows you to find replacement cheapest, best quality. However, it is necessary to know the exact details of the spare parts required. If you are not sure about this, it might be a good idea to hire a professional to replace the damaged parts that are replaced.
Minimalist design combined with technical sophistication to the finest detail is what defines the TVIN 2.0 sliding system. TVIN 2.0 comes in two shapes as rectangular or convex with options of 3 finishes: Aluminium, Stainless Steel or White RAL9010.

Aluminum Finish

Stainless Steel Finish

White Ral 9010 Finish

sliding door gear - Aluminum finish sliding door gear - stainless steel finish sliding door gear - White finish

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The pictures below present the sliding system with the door whereby the door can be flsuh with the external side of the sliding system which leaves enough gap to add skirting. Second option the door can be closer to the wall making the gap between the wall and door minimal.

Door flush with sliding system gear

Door closer to the wall

sliding door gear for wood door sliding door gear for wooden door

 Techical Details of TVIN 2.0 Sliding Door Gear for Wooden Doors

How to install a TVIN 2.0 sliding door gear?

TVIN 2.0 sliding system hardware can sustain up to 120Kg per door leaf and is suitable for wall and ceiling installation.

Sliding System Kit fixed on the wall

Sliding door hardware fixed on the ceiling

sliding door hardware drawing fitting sliding door gear drawing fitting

Techical Details of TVIN 2.0 Internal Sliding System Kit for Wooden Doors with Wall Frame

If the wall opening already has a frame or architrave and the wall has a skirting fitted, the sliding system TVIN 2.0 can still be easily fitted to the top of the architrave with special adaptors. These will add an extended attachement so the door is a bit further from the wall, to ensure smooth sliding of the door. 

Sliding System Gear with Door and Frame

Sliding System Hardware Fixed on the wall above the Architrave

sliding wooden door gear skirting adaptor - sliding system

Techical Details of TVIN 2.0 Sliding Door Gear for Wooden Doors with Wall Frame

Slidind Door Hardware for -
Two movable panels ceilling fitted

  Sliding Door Kit For
Wood door & glass panel ceilling fitted

 Sliding Door Mechanism
Wood door & glass panel wall fitted

double sliding wooden doors sliding with sidelight glass panel sliding system fitted on glass wall

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