Frequently Asked Questions - Glass and Wooden Doors

What is a door sets?

Doors sets includes: door, frame with architraves same finish, rubber sealant on stop door, lock and hinges factory fitted. All our door sets are made to measure. The door sets is made as finish products so not painting or decorating is required over the years.

Are door sets available as fire rated?

Most of our door sets where the doors have a full core are fire rated. The fire rated doors sets are made to measure with the maximum height of 2200mm. The door leaf thickness is 40mm.

What is size of the frames?

All frames are made to order according to the specification given by the client. Our frame can be fitted on wall thickness of more than 450mm. So if the wall thickness is 300mm we manufacture a frame specifically for the thickness with an adjustment of 5-15mm. All our frame are made to encase the wall.

Do you have a fitting service?

Doors4UK provides fitting services for door sets only. If we supply only doors then is best to find a local door fitter.

What are the doors made from?

All our doors and frames are made of wood with the surface required: real wood veneer or laminate doors. Check our range of products as we have more than 600 models available.

Can you make any special sizes?

The made to measure doors sets can be manufacture up to 2900mm in real wood veneer, 2500mm with laminate finish and white painted doors.

Do you offer Guarantee with your items?

Yes. All our doors comes with 12 months factory guarantee if the product is not fitted by us. If the product is fitted by us the Guarantee is extended to 2 years for product and workmanship.

Assembly instructions.

If you would like to fit the door sets yourself please see our YouTube video:

Are the doors made up of solid or engineered construction?

All doors advertised on our Doors4UK website are engineered construction as offer a greater stability over time and performance. We have a range of solid wood doors as Park Lane painted doors and Massive Wood Doors.

Is you glass toughened?

All our glass doors and glass panels are made of toughened glass. More than that we have in our range laminated glass which is the most secure glass.

Which is safer toughened glass or laminated glass?

Both glass type are safe, as the toughened glass is five time stronger than standard glass and if it brakes it get into small pieces which are less dangerous. The laminate glass is shock and shatterproof as is made of two superimposed glass panels and a PVB film interconnecting the glass panels.

Where are your wood and glass doors made?

All our glass and wood doors are made in Germany.

Do you have stock?

We do not have stock as our doors are made to measure to customer requirements.