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Grauthoff Doors Group has been awarded the Design Awards for the Fine Line Surfaces with Design Edge. The Iconic Award is the first international architecture and design competition, which takes into account the disciplines in their interplay. The development of a new product design presents many challenges with many questions to answer. Therefore the innovation team combines ideas from product management, sales, interior design, marketing and management with many ideas putting together and inspiring from many areas of design.
The combination of the sandwich edge with the HGM Fine Line Surface makes the door to the design piece! There are two special product highlights and a wonderful combination.The fine sanding surface with its four different color shades preserves the fine and uniform structure through the special production process. The basis is aspen wood, a rapidly and sustainably growing plantation wood, as a peeling veneer, which comes through a double knife to its unmistakable surface texture. The fine sanding surface as a sandwich edge creates a particularly successful contrast to a white lacquered door leaf. The reverse is also true, with a door leaf with fine sanding surface and the sandwich edge in white lacquer. The result is an accentuated design element, which is deliberately only visible when the door is open.

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Dark Grey Door - Grigio

Grey Doors - Bianco

Viala Door Finish

dark grey door grey door light grey door


With the Door Design Edge options it has been introduce a connection from the floor to the doors. In the connection with the flush white lacquered doors filled across with real wood strips and or a color strip on the door edge. The combination of the Design Door Edge with the HGM new fine line surfaces make a product well seen by interior designers. The fine line surfaces with its four different shades gets the fine and uniform structure though a special manufacturing process. The combinations of different veneers wood species glued together to form veneer blocks. The blocks are then slides again in a special process result in a wood imitation, but exclusive design veneers, for example Grigio Dark Door. In the house Grauthoff this award, accepted with great joy and gratitude, and stands as a tribute to the design and development expertise of the company. The interior door itself can not invent constantly new, but often it's the little details that make a big difference. The door design edge is a perfect example and is representative of the many small details, whether visible or invisible, which always makes a door from the house Grauthoff special. The award of the Iconic Award 2014 is therefore to make for the family a special motivation to continue where many stop.

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