Crittall Style Doors

The metal-framed windows and doors appeared first on the market in the 1880s and become the best seller in the art deco era. Crittall windows and doors are having today a comeback as patio doors, wall-partitions, kitchen and dining room doors or old-fashioned windows. The aluminium crittall style doors never looked so good and that is why the interior designers love them so much. The minimalist decor which includes brick walls and oak flooring is the perfect environment for any type of crittall style doors, from single hinged ones to elaborated walls that can separate the bedroom from the rest of the house, making easier the transition of light. 

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Standard Designs for Crittall Style doors

Outside Metal Profile Crittall Style Door
clear crittall style door
Starting price £973.00*
1 Metal Profile Crittall Style Door
1 bar crittall style door
Starting price £1,190.00*
2 Metal Profile Crittall Style Door
crittall style door with 2 metal profiles
Starting price £1,239.00*
4 Metal Profile Crittall Style Door
crittall style door with 4 metal -profiles
Starting price £1,543.00*

Bespoke designs are available!!!

If the desired design is not featured on our page, just send us a picture and we will create the door based on your design. 

Functionalities for Crittall Style Doors

The crittall style internal doors are used as any other interior doors to separate the areas in a house, but the way that this separation is designed thanks to these metal-framed doors is just so impressive! Besides the style that these doors bring to any interior, the greatest advantage is the light that can be spread through them even to a small dark place like a hallway. 

Hinged doors

crittall style doorsStarting price for crittall style single door £1,297.00*

crittall style double doorsStarting price for crittall style double door £2,185.00*
The hinged crittall style doors can be supplied with made to measure sizes so they can be easily fitted in any opening without having to alter it. If you already have a frame in place, we can install your new door on it so it can still match the design of your interior doors. 

Hardware & Slim-profile Frame

When deciding to purchase a Crittall style door, an important aspect is hardware that comes with it. To be able to enjoy your door for many years, all the ironmongeries need to have a durable mechanism in order to ensure a lifetime of maintenance-free. This is why the factory made available the hinges, latch and handle in the same finish as the slim-profile frame and used the latest innovation to offer high-quality hardware for all the Crittall style doors that our clients decide to purchase.

black latch and handle

Black latch with handle
To be able to achieve the flawless look of the hinged Crittall door, the latch and handle need to have the same finish as the glazing beads. This is why we can supply them in any colour to match the overall look of your new door. 
Black slim-profile frame
The crittal style doors are made from toughened safety glass of 6mm and secured within the black slim-profile frames with gaskets. These graphic aluminium frames give a contemporary and industrial style to any room when matched with the fixing hardware. 

Besides the well known black coloured slim-profile frames, other RAL colours are available to order. The coatings are applied to the aluminium profiles under the Quality Management System and compliant with the British regulations of paints and varnishes. 

crittall style black slim profile frame

Pocket Crittall Style Doors

The pocket system is used since the 1850s and it was noisy and very difficult to operate, but it worthed the pain due to its property of hiding the door inside the wall, creating open spaces. This is why modern engineers developed smooth runners and eliminate the floor track in order to obtain a smooth slide of the door and keeping all the benefits of a sleek finish.

pocket crittall style door setStarting price for crittall style single pocket door £1,296.00*

crittall style pocket double doorsStarting price for crittall style double pocket door £2,592.00*
Easy to integrate into any house decor, the pocket system is unobtrusive, easy to use and sliding effortlessly on opening and closing due to the soft closing mechanism. These new type of pocket doors offer wider openings and maximise the use of inside room space than the more intrusive hinged doors.



Accessories for Pocket Doors 

Easy to operate slim handle
crittal pocket door handle

Hidden sliding system
hidden sliding system


Metal Framed Sliding Doors

The sliding doors are a replacement of pocket ones with the same operating system but easier to install as it doesn't need the alteration of the walls. The metal framed sliding doors are easy to open and close due to the soft-closing mechanism which is installed inside the sliding system. Besides all the technical benefits, the cool style of the crittall doors can be brought to any living space whilst keeping an open plan decor.

crittall style sliding doorsStarting price for crittall style single sliding door £1,526.00*


crittall style siding double doorsStarting price for crittall style sliding double door £2,742.00*
Because of the sliding system which is installed on the wall, the crittall design can be also used to create wide partitions including double doors with side panels which can easily replace a complete wall from your house. The retro-looks with the latest accessories and the larger expanses of the glass than other doors in the marketplace, the crittall sliding doors are cleverly dividing space without compromising the light.
*Prices exclude VAT and transport from Germany to customer's address
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Crittall Style Room Dividers

The options where the crittall style doors can be used are endless. All we need to know is what you are looking to have in terms of glass design, metal profiles, door functionality, and the opening dimensions and we will manufacture for you the wall partition that you desired. Send your enquiry to us and we will provide a free quotation for your project. 

Wall partition with hinged doors


Wall partition with sliding doors


Wall partition with fixed panels


room divider crittall style doors
Tall wall partition



Case Study

Our company offers full service with all our doors, from taking the measurements until installation and aftercare service. If you have any doubts regarding the products that we can offer, have a look below to the crittall style doors that we fitted for our customers. 
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crittall style room divider
crittall style hinged doors room divider
crittall style wall partition with double doors
crittall style wall with double doors
crittall style wall partition
crittall style wall partition with hinged doors
crittall style hinged double doors
crittall style doors prepared for installation
crittall style single sliding door
aluminium crittall style single sliding door