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Manufacturer of Solid Wood Interior Doors. Discover more about Engineered Solid Doors. Great Selection of Massive Doors.

Why choose Doors4UK for Solid Doors with pre finished oak and walnut veneer

Solid wood interior doors, of course, have a completely different function, which has less to do with aesthetics or emotionality, but is rather pragmatic. They serve to suppress noise. Everyone who has ever tried to work with an open door and have to deal with music, television, voices or playing children will know this. At some point, it simply suffices, it follows, what must follow - the call: "Rest over there!" So interior doors also ensure peace, contribute to the concentration at and make life easier. In addition - and now it is again emotional - they look beautiful, as a look at the doors of Doors4UK shows.

A Fantastic Range of Solid Wood Internal Doors and Door Sets Available. Do you need engineered doors with full core?
Complete Service From Survey to Installation
All workmanship is guaranteed for 2 years for fitted Door Sets

Whether inlay or solid interior doors doors: high-quality internal doors also show their quality due to the fact that the material used manufacture them determines the stability, thermal and sound insulation. Such quality stucture often consist of tubular core or a full core door construction which is applied all over the interior door. The tubular core structure increases stability. Due to the light construction, the interior door is easy to handle and cannot break. The heat and sound levels are in the good range. The surface is not only a matter of taste for high-quality interior doors. For example, a multi-layer varnish in combination with a smooth finish ensures a particularly easy care and a high durability. A wonderful warm and attractive look has a real wood veneer by its naturalness. Of course, solid wood is also a surface. For whichever interior doors of Doors4UK you decide, the reason for the purpose is which the door should fulfill. This depends, for example, on the extent to which it is claimed and between which spaces it is to form the separation. High-quality interior doors are defined precisely by their intrinsic values.
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Engineered Solid Wood Doors with CPL (laminate) surface are abrasion, scratch and shock-resistant

They give the impression of being like surface veneer, feel like authentic wood, but are specially sturdy, colourfast and easy to clean. Internal doors with CPL surface are seen to be the genuine alternative to real wood veneer doors. CPL symbolize Continuous Pressure Laminate - an informative idea will be: a laminate from the continuous pressing several elements of paper with solidifying melamine polyester resin which is formed.

Solid wood interior doors with Veneer Surface: Bespoke, Stylish and Functional Doors

Over the last 60 years Grauthoff Group have been working in the manufacture of premium products constructed from wood material. This knowledge is ingrained in most Grauthoff made to measure doors along with every interior designed by Grauthoff. Real solid wood is often a superior quality, flexible and materials made use of for internal doors of all sorts. “Made in Germany “- stands around the globe for craftsmanship quality. The name HGM represents top quality, innovation, contemporary designs and all about solid wooden doors.  And so the HGM design doors are available only in specialist stores in an environment where wooden doors are presented with different type of hinges ( i.e SimonsWerk Tectus Hinges), panels and hardware. Each Grauthoff massive wooden door is bespoke and produced to handmade excellence. Consumers are guaranteed wooden doors that can be integrated into every room ambience, numerous models and design and our capacity to manufacture internal doors in just about any type of wood veneer. The wood grain might be upright or cross wise, in addition the grain can be mixed with same or different veneer. In combination with this design there may be the models with grooves or inlays (stainless steel and polished chrome) which to form a stunning finish quality interior doors.

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